Kajiwara Gakuto, a voice actor, will debut as an artist. His first single “A Walk” will be the new ending theme song of “Black Clover”, where he played the role of Asta. Along with the news, comments from Tabata Yuuki, the author, and Suwabe Junichi, who he play together, have arrived.

Kajiwara began his career as a voice actor when he played the role of the protagonist Asta in this work in 2017. After that, he has been playing the role of several protagonists including Shinra Kusakabe in “Fire Force”, and Ryuugasaki Hiiro in “SHADOWVERSE”. He was also awarded Best New Actors on 14th Seiyu Awards.

His first single “A Walk” strongly reflects his words and thoughts. He wrote the lyrics of the coupling track by himself, which will make you directly feel the artist Kajiwara Gakuto. The special edition CD will include a voice drama based on the coupling track he wrote.

Kajiwara talked about his debut as an artist and that his song has been chosen as the ending theme song of “Black Clover”. Messages from Tabata Yuuki, the author, Yoshihara Tatsuya, the director of the TV anime, and the casts including Suwabe Junichi, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Yuuki Kana, Muro Genki, and Fukuyama Jun, have arrived. The messages and Kajiwara's reaction to them are currently shown on YouTube.

Kajiwara Gakuto's first single “A Walk” will be released on Nov. 25. It will be played as the ending theme song from the episode of “Black Clover” broadcast on Sep. 1.

Comments from Kajiwara Gakuto
<About his debut as an artist>
Music has been inseparable from my life since I was a child, and it has been one of the ways to express myself.
I want to express my feelings, thoughts, and what I can do only now through the music, and send for the listeners.

<About the tie up with the ending theme song of “Black Clover”>
I have learned a lot of things throughout playing the role of Asta in Black Clover, and I could have built up a lot of experiences. I want to repay Black Clover in some other form.

<About “A Walk”>
I have been working on it in details with the staff since the meeting at an early stage. I gave a lot of opinions about a delicate nuance of lyrics, how the song should be, and others…..(laugh) However, they listened to me well. I have been very passionate in making the single, so please listen to the details as well!

(C)Tabata Yuuki / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Black Clover Production Committee