“Reversal Orchestra,” a Wednesday drama series aired on Nippon TV, released a “mean” preview voiced by Senator Motomiya played by Tsuda Kenjiro.

“Reversal Orchestra” is a musical entertainment in which a “former” violin prodigy, who has been living quietly off the stage, happens to meet a harsh maestro and and gets involved in the transformation of a “useless” orchestra into a first-class orchestra.

The preview for the next episode is narrated by voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro, who plays Motomiya Yuichi, a city councilor popular among women for his “deep voice.” Based on his role, who is “plotting to destroy the Kodama Symphony Orchestra,” Tsuda presents a “mean” narration.

In Episode 2, Hatsune (Kadowaki Mugi) joins the local orchestra “Kodama Symphony Orchestra” and starts on a “remodeling plan” with maestro Asahi (Tanaka Kei).
They start practicing for a performance in two weeks, but Aoi (Bando Ryuta), the first flute player, always shows up late and shows no interest in playing. At the order of irritated Asahi, Hatsune stealthily follows Aoi after the practice, and…

Having discovered his reason for being late, Hatsune and other members of the Orchestra take action to solve the problem.

Episode 2 of “Reversal Orchestra,” in which voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro appears, will be aired on January 18 at 10 p.m.

(C)Nippon TV