A completely new anime based on one of manga artist Mizuki Shigeru’s best-known works, “Akuma-kun,” will be distributed exclusively worldwide on Netflix starting in the fall of 2023. A new visual and a special PV from the film have just been released. In addition, additional cast and crew members including Shiraishi Ryoko, Hanamori Yumiri, Fairouz, and Fujii Yukiyo have been announced.

“Akuma-kun”is a bizarre detective buddy story known as one of Mizuki Shigeru’s best-known works. The story follows Umoregi Ichiro, or “Akuma-kun,” a boy genius who only comes along once every 10,000 years, and his partner Mephisto III, as they pursue the mystery of their origins by taking on mysterious cases. Since its publication as a rental manga in 1963, the story has been adapted several times with different protagonists and settings.

The completely new anime to be distributed on Netflix will be directed by Sato Junichi, the series director of the 1989 TV anime, with Oizaki Fumitoshi as character designer and series director, and Ohnogi Hiroshi as series composition. Toei Animation is in charge of production, while Encourage Films is in charge of animation production, bringing back a completely new “Akuma-kun” in the current era.

The new visual released this time depicts Akuma-kun, Mephisto III, and new characters from the film. With the copy “Strange is calling you,” you can see the various expressions of the characters. The beautifully drawn background of the “Millennium Institute” is also a highlight.

The special PV shows Akuma-kun and his partner, Mephisto III, pursuing the case. You can also see Akuma-kun chanting “Eloim Essaim,” so be sure to check it out.

In addition to Kaji Yuki, Furukawa Toshio, and Mita Yuko, who have already been announced as appearing in the film, the cast of new characters related to Akuma-kun has also been revealed. Shiraishi Ryoko will play the mother, Kazama Sanae, Hanamori Yumiri will play the daughter, Mio, Fairouz Ai will play the demon, Gremory, and Fujii Yukiyo will play Hina Asanagi, a college girl whom he meets during a certain incident.
Additional staff members were also announced, including Shibuya Sakae as character designer and chief animation director, Kuga Yumiko as art director, Tsujita Kunio as color designer, Ogihara Takeo as director of photography, Osakabe Wataru as magic circle designer, and Izutsu Akio as music director.

The completely new anime “Akuma-kun” will be distributed exclusively worldwide on Netflix starting in the fall of 2023. We look forward to more news in the future.

(C) Mizuki Productions, Toei Animation