Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya held the sports day in jerseys! It was shown in “SAY YOU to YOASOBI Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro×Uchida Maaya】#9” (broadcast on June 15, 2021), which was broadcast at new futuristic TV “ABEMA”’s “Anime LIVE Channel”.

The program in the show was titled “The 3rd YOASOBI Tuesday Big Sports Day Special”, and Shimono and Uchida competed in 3 programs of: the obstacle race, tricycle race, and the large Jenga.

■Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya competed in 3 genres! The third “YOASOBI Big Sportsd Day” was held!

Shimono and Uchida appeared in their jerseys for “The 3rd YOASOBI Tuesday Big Sports Day Special”. The show welcomed the announcer Kiyono Shigeki for narration and the two competed in team of 3 on the obstacle race, the tricycle race, and the large Jenga. Shimono and Uchida passionately commented that they “looked forward to the program” and “I feel like I have waited for this” toward the 3rd sportsd day. The 1st program was “The 6-stack Zaru Soba! The Obstacle Time Attack!” (Zaru Soba is noodles placed on the bamboo tray). They competed the time required to reach the goal by overcoming traps, kendama, and sidestepping with 6 trays in their hands. Shinomo easily cleared kendama in 2 tries, and finished sidestepping quickly with his high ability of adaption. Uchida, on the other hand, passed the string barrier, but took a longer time in kendama and sidestepping with trays. Shimono team won this part.

The 2nd program was “The Tricycle Race with Great Speed”. The two performers rode on the tricycle each named “Hiro-kun Tricycle” and “Maaya-chan Tricycle”. Shimono burst out laughing when Kiyono commented on Uchida’s appearance, that “She (Uchida) looks just fit on the tricycle”. Uchida responded, “Silence!” while she showed a smile on her face. Uchida nicely drove her tricycle and the narration even commented, “Her appearance returned into as of a 3-year old girl”. However, Shimono struggled to spin the pedals and was left alone at the starting line. He reached the goal by kicking the ground and was able to get to the goal at the end.

The supporting item was set in the middle of the race. While Uchida speeded up with her rocket card (being pulled by the staff), Shimono had to stop his tricycle due to blockade created by banana peels on the ground, created from his banana card. Shimono felt flustered by looking at Uchida reaching the goal. With 1 victory for each team, the show now reached to the final program.

The final competition was “Gigantic Jenga Deathmatch”. While Shimono carefully chose the block to move, Uchida picked the blocks for her turn without any hesitation. Shimon reacted to this by saying, “Wow, this girl is scary”. As the competition continued, the safe blocks got fewer, and the each team exchanged their opinions by saying, “Try here once”, “Don’t rush, be calm”, and “careful when you place the block on the top”.

Shimono and his team crashed the tower at the end, although they successfully moved the block out of the tower and was about to place it on the top. Shimono seemed to regret to lose, since he commented, “I am good at Jenga” before the start of the game. “The 3rd YOASOBI Tuesday Big Sports Day Special” ended with the victory of Team Uchida.

Shimono summarized the show with his smile by saying, “There was the moment which all hearts of our team members became one”. The winner Uchida commented, “It was so fun that I want to do this again” and “I am glad that I could win the competition with this team”. The both teams seemed to enjoy the show throughout.

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