“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #8”, where the voice actors, Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya are the MC, was broadcast at “ABEMA” on June 8. Various corners, including “Stimulate your brain! The staff-made ‘Spot the Difference'”, where they have fun spotting the difference, were held.

In this broadcast, “Stimulate your brain! The staff-made ‘Spot the Difference'” was held. During this depressing rainy season, the staff had challenge Shimono and Uchida to a mental training game of ‘spot the difference’ to help them refresh their mind.

At the start of the program, the staff asks the two of them, “Did you spot any difference when you came here?”. Then, Uchida answered “Shimono’s face and my face were exchanged on the key visual on the script!”, and “There is a photo of Shimono face in my dressing room!” as she felt something odd, and talked about her surprise toward this sudden set-up, “It makes me so scared~”. Shimono also got bewildered toward the sudden start of the “Spot the Difference”, and answered with “For some reason, blazers could be found in my dressing room”. The answers from both of them are correct. After both of them know the truth behind the abnormal situation, both of them give out a sigh of relief and said: “So those were all for this~”.

After that, the quiz corner, where Shimono and Uchida guess the voice during their first time as MC in 2019 by hearing the 3 years’ worth of “Yoasobi Shiyouze! (Let’s have a fun night!)” from both of them, was held. After the five versions of “Yoasobi Shiyouze!” were broadcast, Uchida answered with D and mentioned that her voice has a hint of shyness in it. On the other hand, Shimono also answered with D as he said, “Somehow it seems like I am not used to it”, and “From the disconnected (calling), I believe it should be the first broadcast in 2019”.

As the answer is D, both of them were able to found out on their first voice, and they also get the chance to view the video at that time also. When the first broadcast of “Say You to Yoasobi 2nd season”, where both of them are the MC for the first time, was broadcast, the appearance of Shimono singing passionately can be seen. This caused the both of them to burst into laughter, and Shimono got embarrassed and said “I’m not sure what should I said now!”

Shimono, who was teased by Uchida’s “Doesn’t Shimono’s songs make you feel excited?”, and “Somehow you look displeased”, explained “I was told to start with ‘Shimono-san’s impromptu'” as it seem like he was instructed by the staff on this. After that, the both of them reviewed back on the past by saying “It was quite nerve-wracking at that time” “Maaya-chan, looks so mature now”, “Ah, that is actually my own clothing” as the fun remains the same throughout these 3 years.

Also, in the second half of the program, the “Delusion! 〇〇 Producing Talk”, where they talk about “if” stories on producing various things, was held. This time, it will feature the theme “If Shimono Hiro is going to produce a karaage izakaya” as he talked about his delusion on his ideal karaage (Deep fried chicken) izakaya (Japanese pub).

Shimono, who had mentioned that “I had seen this in my dream before”, talk about his obsession with the karaage “There will have 2 types of flavors, which are Shouyu (Soy Sauce) and Shio (Salted) with huge variations on the topping” “The order of Karaage will be in gram!” and “The flour used will be slightly different based on the position of the meat”. He also mentioned his glasses fetish by saying: “All the workers must wear glasses!”, “The condition of working is whether you can wear glasses or not”, and “There will be a discount for those wearing glasses”. Thus, the ideal karaage izakaya filled with his delusions was born.