Director Ikuhara Kunihiko’s TV animation work “Revolutionary Girl Utena” will be available on YouTube for a limited time. You can enjoy this masterpiece that is still loved after 25 years since its first broadcast.

“Revolutionary Girl Utena” aired 39 episodes in 1997. The main character, Tenjo Utena, meets a girl called Himemiya Anthy, the Bride of the Rose, and gets involved in a battle with the student council officers who are vying for her.

The limited-time release on YouTube will commemorate the launch of a wristwatch and music box cosmetic box in collaboration with the watch brand Seiko. As a first step, episodes 1 through 3 will be distributed on the official KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE YouTube channel from 9:00 p.m. on April 10.

From the 4th Episode onward, three episodes are scheduled to be released each week with an archive period. This will allow viewers to enjoy the program every week as if it were broadcast on TV and is expected to attract the attention of fans as well as new viewers.

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