From “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie”, 2nd trailer depicting the final battle to decide the fate of the galaxy, has been revealed. 2nd movie advance tickets will be on sale from April 14, 2023. Furthermore, commemorating the release, the TV anime “Sailor Moon” series will be distributed for free on YouTube.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie” is a theatrical work that depicts “Shadow Galactica Arc”, the final arc of the “Sailor Moon” series, in two parts. The new enemy “Shadow Galactica” appears and attacks the characters. Sailor Moon and others throw themselves into the fray.

The latest information was announced during the special stage at “AnimeJapan 2023” on March 26, 2023.
The 2nd trailer depicts “the final battle to decide the fate of galaxy” between Eternal Sailor Moon (CV: Mitsuishi Kotono), who is fighting to protect galaxy and her friends, and Sailor Galaxia (CV: Hayashibara Megumi), who is plotting to conquer the galaxy.

Eternal Sailor Moon says “I can live because I have ‘someone I love'” and Sailor Galaxia says “The only thing I believe in is ‘my own power'”. The words give a glimpse into the contrasting “beliefs” of them that go to the heart of the story, but what will be the outcome of their wills?
What awaits Eternal Sailor Moon, who believes her “future” and fights the final battle for her “love” and “friends”? Please check it out at the theatres.

From April 14, 2nd advance movie tickets will be on sale. 6 varieties will be offered for 1st and 2nd round, totalling 12 varieties, featuring Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon and Sailor Starlights, who appear for the first time, in addition to the main characters. All the illustrations are originally drawn by the character designer Tadano Kazuko.

The tickets will be available at the theatres nationwide, Major, and the official stores, Sailor Moon store Harajuku and Sailor Moon store ONLINE. You can choose your favorite character, so please get it.

Commemorating the release of the movie, 4th and 5th season of the TV anime series, “Sailor Moon SuperS” and “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars”, will be distributed for free on YouTube “Toei Animation Museum Channel”. 1 story will be distributed a day, and each story will be available for 2 weeks.

“Sailor Moon SuperS”, which is based on the 4th season of the original comic, “Dead Moon Arc”, will be available from 12pm on March 27. “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars”, which is based on the 5th season of the original comic just as the latest movie, “Shadow Galactica”, will be available from May 5. Those who watched the TV anime back then and those who will watch it for the first time will be able to enjoy the rebroadcast until the movie premier.

1st half of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie” will premiere on June 9, and 2nd half on June 30. Stay tuned for further information.

(C)Takeuchi Naoko, PNP/”Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie” Production Committee