Voice actor and singer Uchida Maaya’s official fan club “LIFE IS LIKE A SUNNY DAY” recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. In conjunction with this, the event “‘LIVE IS LIKE A SUNNY DAY’ Vol. 5” will be held on April 30, 2023 at Nakano ZERO Main Hall in Tokyo.

On the day of “‘LIVE IS LIKE A SUNNY DAY’ Vol.5”, limited event goods will be on sale. Spy goods based on the theme of “Secret Service LILAS,” a project within the fan club, will be available. The unique lineup includes a “pass case with LILAS logo” that can be used for everyday purposes and a “light pen” that displays Uchida’s image.

It was also announced that a fan club-only live distribution project will be held on a regular basis. When the “Live Blu-ray release commemorative YouTube LIVE” was held recently, an “FC-only after talk” was distributed.
Regarding the future, Uchida said, “For example, it could be just me eating or playing games, or I could conduct a survey to find out what the members would like me to do.

It was also announced that a special benefit for fan club members is planned for the “UCHIDA MAAYA Live Tour 2023,” a nationwide tour that will start in September. Details will be announced later on the official site and SNS.

On the occasion of the fan club’s 5th anniversary, Uchida said, “Now that we have our annual event and have just started regular live broadcasts, I hope to plan projects that will bring me closer to the members. Let’s create a fun place together!”.
“LIFE IS LIKE A SUNNY DAY” is getting more and more exciting. We hope that you will take this opportunity to have a look at it.

[Official Fan Club Information]
Benefits for Members
・Original member’s card
・Newsletter (issued 3 times a year)
・Birthday letter *A birthday letter will be sent on the day of the member’s birthday.
・Greeting e-mails (irregular)
・Ticket advance reservations *Only with the cooperation of the respective organizers. However, there may be cases where the number of participants will be limited by lottery, etc.
・Sales of limited-edition goods (irregular)
・Members-only digital content viewing rights: NEWS, MOVIE, PHOTO GALLERY, WALLPAPER, SPECIAL, and MAIL MAGAZINE distribution.