The new cover song project “CrosSing – Music&Voice-” has started on March 1st.

“CrosSing” is a cover song project in which artists include voice actors, VTubers, and 2.5D actors convey their “voices” through “songs”.

An introductory video was uploaded to the channel with the list of artists who will join the 1st season.
The lineup includes popular voice actors Maaya Uchida, Kana Hanazawa, Akari Kito, as well as towana, the vocalist from the anime song band fhána. In addition, Toshiki Tateishi, who actively pursues his career as a musical and 2.5D actor, and the popular VTuber Shibuya HAL will appear in the channel, adding even more luxury to the channel.

Each singer will sing a song of their memories, which may provide fans with the opportunity to listen to a song available on no other media but in “CrosSing”. Let’s look forward to who is going to sing what song.

The songs will be released on YouTube as well as music streaming services. Subscribe the YouTube channel and follow the Twitter and TikTok accounts for further updates.

Don’t take your eyes off of “CrosSing”, a special project by popular artists from various fields!