The original anime “Appare-Ranman!” by P.A.WORKS is scheduled to be broadcast from Apr. 2020. In addition, the main cast members and their respective characters have been revealed.

“Appare-Ranman!” is an original anime produced by P.A.WORKS (known for “Fairy Gone” and “Shirobako” The Movie) with Hashimoto Masakazu (known for “Tari Tari” and “Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hiroshi~”) in charge of directing, series composition and original story.
When the curtain is about to fall upon 19th century and open a new one on the 20th, a genius engineer lacking in social interactions named “Sorano Appare” and a brilliant yet cowardly samurai named Isshiki Kosame, after drifting from Japan to America by accident, decide to participate in the “America Transcontinental Race” in order to go back home.

Six new characters and the respective cast members have been revealed, one of which is the protagonist “Sorano Appare” voiced by Hanae Natsuki.
Appare is a talented mechanic with a sharp mind and great skills. Although he is a genius when it comes to creating machines, on the other hand, he is socially-inept considering that machines are his only friends.
When he starts playing with them, he completely loses track of his surroundings, truly like a “machine maniac”.

Isshiki Kosame (voiced by Yamashita Seiichirou), who lives in the same town as Appare, is a low-ranked government official and master of housework. He is a rational man who is often prone to worry about others, but at the same time, his selflessness and kindness lead him to be manipulated by Appare.

In addition, various characters appear in the “America Transcontinental Race”, such as Jin Xiaoleng voiced by Amamiya Sora.

Jin is the only female racer. She is a chinese immigrant whose parents run a laundromat. Her driving technique and Kenpou (martial arts) that she had continued polishing and mastering, will play an important role in the story.

On the other hand, an 11-years-old Native American boy named Hototo (voiced by Yuuki Aoi) is a character with a mature personality despite his young age, which makes him both a brave man determined to fight anyone, even the adults, in order to protect what's important to him, and a wise man able to survive in the nature. During his journey of revenge, he will meet Appare and the others, an event that will curve the story in a new direction. Please watch it!

In addition, the European Al Leon (voiced by Saitou Souma) takes part in the race as representative of the big automobile company “BNW”. As descendant of a noble family he has inherited wealth and power on his own, which lead him to join the race driving a top-class car. He has also a great sense of justice which makes him an honest and fair competitor and rival to Appare. In addition to his driving skills, he practices violin, fencing, and golf as part of his noble-ish traits.

Sophia Taylor (voiced by Orikasa Fumiko) has always protected Al. Although she has been hired by Al's father, their relationship has always been like brother and sister. While being an active character brimmed with curiosity, she also shows her kindness when it comes to protecting who she loves.

The original anime “Appare-Ranman!” by P.A.WORKS is scheduled to be broadcast from Apr. 2020.

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