To commemorate the 10th broadcast anniversary of the TV anime “Hanasaku Iroha”, the “T-Card” has been announced. This “T-Card” is the “Support T-Card” that can be used to support the activities of the production committee of “Yuwaku Bonbori Festival”.

“Hanasaku Iroha” is the first “working series” by P.A.WORKS that was broadcast from April 2011 to September 2011.
This original anime depicts the hostess apprentice, Matsumae Ohana, who is working at the hot spring inn “Kissuisou” in Ishikawa Prefecture, and the people around her. The fictional “Bonbori Festival” that appeared in the anime has become an “actual festival” and it is being held in Yuwaku Onsen, Kanazawa City (the model of the anime). This is an anime that is still loved by many fans.

The announced “Support T-Card X Hanasaku Iroha” is a “Support T-Card”, where the T-points obtained by shopping at the T-points’ business partner can be used to donate to the selected party during the supporting period.
The T-points obtained via the card is set aside to support the activities of the production committee of “Yuwaku Bonbori Festival”, which was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the influence of the “Novel Coronavirus”, and it will be linked to the continuation of this festival in the future.

The surface of the card features an original illustration by the character designer and chief animation director, Sekiguchi Kanami. The design of the illustration is Ohana, Minko, Nako, and Yuina visiting “Bonbori Festival”.

Other than that, on the official website of “Support T-Card X Hanasaku Iroha”, there will be a sale of the A3 size “Replicate Art” and “B2 Tapestry” with an original illustration, “Acrylic Art Stand” consisting of 3 acrylic boards to express the nuances of the background, the “Sliding-style Card Case” with the design of the wooden signboard of “Kissuisou”, and other goods, so fan should check it out.

The advance registration for “Support T-Card X Hanasaku Iroha” is currently available on the official website. From September 28, 2021, it will be available on certain “TSUTAYA” stores in Kita Shinetsu. The issuance fee is 550 JPY (tax included) and the issuance period is until December 31, 2022 while the supporting period is until December 31, 2026.
Detailed information is available on the official website.

【Issuance Fee】550 JPY (tax included)
【Supporting Period】Until Thursday, December 31, 2026
【Issuance Period】Until Saturday, December 31, 2022
※The scheduled delivery date for Support T-Card is on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 onward
【Applicable Store】 TSUTAYA

■ What’s a Support T-Card?
This is a T-Card, where you can contribute the T-points obtained from the T-points’ business partner to the selected supporting partner.
During the supporting period, all the T-points will be debited automatically.
30% of the debited T-points will be taken out as the handling fee.
※ The fixed period T-points will not be debited.
After the supporting period, the T-Card can be used normally.

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