New teaser visuals have been released by P.A. WORKS' Original Anime 『Appare-Ranman!』.

『Appare-Ranman!』 is a brand new original anime directed, created and drafted by Hashimoto Masakazu, well known for his work on 『TARI TARI』 and 『Crayon Shin-chan Honeymoon Hurricane』. The animation is produced by P.A. WORKS, whose works include 『Fairy gone』 and a theatrical production of 『SHIROBAKO』.

The story is set at the end of the 19th century, where the curtains are lifting to welcome the 20th century. Sorano Appare, a genius engineer with zero social skills and a cowardly but remarkably skilled samurai, Isshiki Kosame meet in an accident causing them to drift at sea and arrive in America. In order to return to Japan, the two set out to participate in "America's Continental Race".

This time, the released visuals depict both "Sorano Appare" and "Isshiki Kosame" in what appears to be the desert lands of America. There are shadows of some people on the cliffs in the backdrop, giving the art a Wild West poster design feel.

Original Anime 『Appare-Ranman!』

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