To commemorate the restart of broadcast TV anime series “Appare-Ranman!”, animate production company P.A.WORKS opened online salon “P.A.SALON” with a free of charge 30-days period. It's fulfilled with BTS content of P.A.WORKS animation production, such as inside stories that were not told at the time of broadcast, explanation of the original images by the former production / current manager, etc.

“P.A.SALON”, which is the first online salon opened by an anime production company, is a closed community where you can find valuable BTS content of working process and conversations, and communicate with staff and members like in SNS, aiming for a new way to interact with fans.

It provides a blog with BTS content, videos with staff talking, and monthly live broadcasts.
There are plenty of BTS stories and memories about the latest and past works, and there's also an opportunity , in which members can send a request.

Moreover, there are benefits such as monthly sent wallpapers with drawn illustrations, membership cards, planned gift lottery, salon internal activities where members can actively communicate with each other.
Enjoy rare information, which is unavailable for fans to collect, from the latest P.A. works to popular ones shared online.

The standard membership fee is 839 JPY (tax included) per month, but if you will join as a new member between Jul. 3 and Aug. 3, it will be free for 30 days. Check the “P.A.SALON” details/enrollment page for detailed information.

P.A.SALON, online salon under P.A.WORKS
[Standard membership fee] 839 JPY per month (tax included)