The popular and fun spy fantasy title “Spy Classroom”, which won the “Grand Prize” at the 32nd Fantasia Awards, will receive the TV anime adaptation. Anime adaptation visuals and special news videos have been released.

Set in a world where each country wages a “shadow war” by spies. Spy Klaus, who has a 100% mission success rate but has a difficult personality, is handled to work with a facility that has an over 90% rate of unsuccessful operations. However, the elected members are seven girls who have no practical experience. Poisoning, trapping, color gimmicks-the only way left for the girls to complete their mission was to deceive and defeat Klaus. The world’s best deception by the world’s strongest spy unfolds.

Along with the anime adaptation announcement, Lily’s beautiful visuals with a dignified expression and muzzle close to her mouth arrived. In addition, information on the main cast and main staff was also released.
The directing and series composition will be done by Kawaguchi Keiichiro and Inozume Shinichi, who have worked together before on “Zettai Karen Children” and “SKET DANCE”. The animation producers are “Our Remake” and “My youth romantic comedy is wrong. -Feel.

Amamiya Sora and Umehara Yuichiro will be playing the main characters Lily and Klaus following the original PV. Comments from them have arrived.

▼ Cast & staff comments!

Comment from Amamiya Sora as Lily
I’ve played Lily in PV and audio dramas so far, and I always felt that she is a natural and innocent character, but also a very attractive one, so I am very happy to be able to continue playing her in the anime!
Stay tuned for the broadcast!

Comment from Umehara Yuichiro as Klaus
I am happy to be able to play Klaus in anime following PV and audio dramas.
Although he is the strongest spy and has no flaws, I will do my best to play a charming Klaus that makes you feel his human side.
Thank you for watching “Spy Classroom”.

Comments from Takemachi (Author of Original)
I wish it was a majestic “Big anime announcement! !!”, but in fact, it was leaked more than a month ago. Leakage of confidential information. If you’re a spy, you’ll fall out. But when I do a drop-out spy, I do it – “Spy Classroom” was such a work.
Thank you to all the fans who have supported us so far!

Comments from Tomari (original illustrator)
Congratulations on the “Spy classroom”‘s anime adaptation!
Thanks to Takemachi-sensei, the editors, and everyone who supports the spy classroom for always writing exciting manuscripts.
As a fan, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the moving lights!

(C) Takemachi / Tomari / KADOKAWA / “Spy Classroom” Production Committee