P.A.WORKS’ completely new original anime “Aquatope of White Sand” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, MBS, and Ryukyu Broadcasting from July 8, 2021.
Also, the second key visual was released, and the cast of additional characters, Tsuchiya Shinba, Azakami Yohei, and Yanaka Hiroshi, was also announced. In addition, U35, the original character designer, sent us a comment and a newly drawn illustration.

“Aquatope in the White Sand” is a completely new original anime directed by Shinohara Toshiya, with series composition by Kakihara Yuko and production by P.A.WORKS, the same team that worked on “Iroduku the World in Colors”.
Set in a small aquarium in Okinawa, the story depicts the dreams and reality, loneliness and companionship, bonds and conflicts of the girls, starting with the encounter between Misakino Kukuru, an 18-year-old high school girl working there, and Miyazawa Fuuka, a former idol who escaped from Tokyo.

The second key visual that was released along with the decision of the broadcast start date depicts characters involved in the “Gamagama Aquarium,” including Misakino Kukuru, who is smiling as she holds a penguin in front of a large round tank, and Miyazawa Fuuka.

The visuals of the additional characters and their cast, Tsuchiya Shinba, Azakami Yohei, and Yanaka Hiroshi, were also revealed.
Tsuchiya-san will be playing the role of Nakamura Kai, a childhood friend of Kukuru’s and the son of a fisherman, Azakami-san will be playing the role of Yakamashi Kuuya, a keeper at the “Gamagama Aquarium” who looks blunt but is serious at heart, and Yanaka-san will be playing the role of Kukuru’s grandfather and the director of the “Gamagama Aquarium”, Grandpa.
We also received comments from Tsuchiya-san, Azakami-san, Yanaka-san, and U35, the original character designer who sent in the illustration papers depicting Kai and Kuuya.

“Aquatope in the White Sand” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, MBS and Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation from July 8, 2021.

Tsuchiya Shinba (Nakamura Kai)

Q1: What is your impression of this film?
Every time I’ve seen Shinohara-san’s films, I’ve been gripped and moved by a world that is rich in color, freshness, vitality, and the subtleties of the heart. On top of that, this time, the story is set in the fascinating city of Nanjo in Okinawa, and it takes place in an aquarium. Just imagining how much power will be infused into the images is enough to make my heart skip a beat. I’m looking forward to the drama of the people portrayed, as well as the cuteness and movement of the various lives that live in the water!

Q2: Could you give us your impression of the character you will play and your enthusiasm for the role?
The character I play, Kai, is a healthy boy who always thinks hard about what he can do for his childhood friend, Kukuru, and cares for her. As the son of a fisherman, he has a toughness that he has cultivated, and I think his simple atmosphere is very attractive. When I played the role of Kai, I tried to be as natural as possible. I wanted to express the gentle and unpretentious character who grew up surrounded by nature in a straightforward manner through the way he breathes and spins his words.

Azakami Yohei (as Yakamashi Kuuya)

Q1: What is your impression of this film?
I had the impression that the story was progressing slowly, really slowly. When I received the script, I wondered what the picture would be like when I saw that there were many cuts without any characters or dialogue. Today, we are very busy. This is a work that should be seen now, when our minds tend to be tired due to various reasons.

Q2: Could you give us your impression of the character you will play and your enthusiasm for the role?
Kuuya is a young man who has been traumatized by something that happened to him, but he has more love for living things and more passion for his work than anyone else. He has a surprisingly cool side, but I try to play a young man who is often misunderstood. I would like to cherish the “charm” of the character that can only be understood through slow and careful involvement.

Yanaka Hiroshi (as Grandpa)

Q1: Could you give us your impression of this film?
When I was a child, there were small, brightly colored fish swimming in a small aquarium at home.
When I came of age, there were fish in Tokyo and Osaka, swimming lively in huge tanks.
Now, on the screen in front of me, a variety of sea creatures emerge in the vivid colors of Okinawa.
The young characters grow up in contact with the aquarium space and marine life.
The warm and gentle Okinawan heart envelops them.
It’s amazing to be able to witness such a happy production!

Q2: Could you give us your impressions of the characters you play and your enthusiasm for the role?
“Grandpa” watches over the unique characters and sea creatures with his gentle eyes and Okinawan heart.
My heart trembled at the thought of what a wonderful person he is.
I tried to play such a profound character carefully without being too overbearing.
However, in order to put my thoughts and feelings into the Okinawan language, I had to sweat every time I recorded the scene while learning how to speak in detail from my co-star Gibu Yuuko.
As a member of the audience as well, I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future, and I hope to play the role of the wonderful “grandpa” to the fullest.

Original character design: U35

Kai-kun is the son of a fisherman who also helps out, so I tried to give him a strong arm and a good amount of strength.
I would be happy if I could create an atmosphere that shows both masculinity and kindness, while keeping the image of a man of the sea.
Kuuya may look like a flirt, but he does his job well. I designed him with long bangs, hoping that it would create a curtain that would allow him to avoid eye contact with women who are not his strong point.
Although they are different in age, I think they make a great pair.

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