Morikubo Shotarou and Amamiya Sora have been announced in the 4th announcement of additional cast members for the TV anime “Ishura. ”

The light novel “Ishura” which won first place in the book and novels category in “This Light Novel is Amazing! 2021”. It is a different world battle fantasy currently being published by KADOKAWA “Dengeki no Shinbungei” and serialized in “Monthly Shonen Magazine” as a comic book by Megli “Ishura: The New Demon King War”.

Set in a world where the “Demon King” has been defeated by someone and only “power” remains to threaten the world. The story depicts the battle between the “Shura” who have reached the pinnacle of all their powers, and the battle to determine the last remaining “hero”.

The main cast of more than a dozen includes Kaji Yuki as Soujiro, Ueda Reina as Yuno, Fukuyama Jun as Airs, Otsuka Akio as Hargent, Park Romi as Taren, and Hoshi Soichiro as Dakai, all of whom are excellent voice actors. The fourth set of cast members, Morikubo Shotarou and Amamiya Sora, have now been announced.

Morikubo plays the role of Regnejee, commander of the Wyvern Army of the New Duchy of Lithia. Amamiya plays the role of Curte, a girl who loses her home and her eyesight to a “real demon king” and heals Regnejee with her beautiful singing voice.

Expect more news on the TV anime “Ishura” in the near future.

Morikubo Shotarou as Regnejee, the Sunset Wings
As a military commander, Regnejee has firm convictions and unites ferocious wyverns, which gives him a cold-hearted impression, but I felt it was worthwhile to play him because of the kindness in his heart and his hidden feelings as if he is seeking some peace.
I hope I conveyed this in a somewhat charming way.

Amamiya Sora as Curte the Clear Sky
When I received the script for the first time and touched the girl named Curte, I ended up crying.
Curte is a blind girl, but it was not that I felt sorry for her or that the scenes I saw were dramatic, but I was struck by her purity.
The air of Regnejee, who teased her but also showed how much he cared for her, was also very pure….
I would like everyone to experience this small emotion.

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