P.A.WORKS, known for “SHIROBAKO” and “Nagi no Asukara”, has released the first key visual, PV, and additional cast members from “Shiroi suna no Aquatope” (scheduled to start airing in July 2021), a completely new original animation set in a tiny aquarium in Okinawa.

The key visual depicts four characters, Umisakino Kururu, Miyazawa Fuka, Teruya Tsukimi, and Kudaka Karin, spending time in a place they are all associated with,

In the PV, Umisakino Kukuru is struggling to achieve her dream while being watched over by the people around her, and Miyazawa Fuka, who has given up on her dream but has started on a new path after meeting Kukuru. The PV shows the two meeting and making a decision.

Waki Azumi and Lynn have also been added to the cast.
Azumi Wake will play Teruya Tsukimi, a classmate of Kukuru’s and the daughter of the owner of the set menu restaurant “Kame-“, and Lynn will play Kudaka Karin, who works at the tourist association in Nanjo City, Okinawa and is a good advisor to Kukuru and her friends. Waki-san and Lynn have sent in their comments.

From U35, the original character designer, we received a comment and an illustration of Tsukimi and Karin.
In addition, it was announced that ARCANA PROJECT will be in charge of the OP and Mia REGINA will be in charge of the ED. The titles of the songs have been decided as the following. For the OP theme “Tayutae, Nanairo” and ED theme “Tsukimi no Shorikago”. We will have to wait and see what kind of music it will be.

The TV anime ” Shiroi suna no Aquatope ” is scheduled to be broadcast on TOKYO MX/BS Fuji/MBS/Ryukyu Broadcasting from July 2021.

Waki Azumi comments
Q1: What is your impression of this film?

Since the story is set in an aquarium in Okinawa, I thought it would be a very beautiful and mysterious work. The dialogue between the characters is very funny and heartwarming, but the creatures and scenery of the aquarium are very beautifully drawn, and I could feel the seriousness of the production staff!
I used to visit aquariums casually, but I think I will look at them and the aquarium staff differently in the future!

Q2: Could you give us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role?

Tsukimi is always very excited and is the mood maker for Kukuru and the others! She likes to gossip, makes more noise than anyone else, and has a childish side to her, but her motherly side that she sometimes shows is very attractive.
She’s a fun character to play because she’s a bit of a joke, but she also does a lot of comedy!

Lynn’s comment
Q1: What is your impression of this work?

It’s a work that really strikes a chord with my personal taste. These are life-sized girls with their own problems, and the rich nature of Okinawa is expressed in beautiful pictures. I feel that the balance between the theatrical performance and the fantastic parts is exquisite. I also feel that time is flowing very slowly.

Q2: Could you give us your impression of the character you will be playing and your enthusiasm for the role?

Karin, the character I will be playing, is a little older than Kukuru and the others, so she is very strong and reliable.
However, I also feel that she is still young and has a cute side. I would like to play the role of Karin with all my heart, including her gentle side that watches over the aquarium from the outside and supports it at times.

Character Design: U35 Comment
Karin looks like a flower blooming when she smiles, and has a cute older sister image, while Tsukimi’s design is more sunny and lively.

(C) project Tingara