TV Asahi’s late-night anime slot “NUMAnimation” has decided on “Ryman’s Club”, an original anime about the growth and struggles of badminton businessmen, or “Budrymen”, for January 2022.
In conjunction with this, a teaser visual, teaser PV, and character visuals were released. Enoki Junya, Miki Shinichiro, Ishikawa Kaito, Osaka Ryota, and Kakihara Tetsuya have been announced as the first cast members, and comments have also received from them.

“Ryman’s Club” is an original anime about a badminton player, depicting two different aspects of his life: his life as an office worker and his life as an athlete. It is neither a professional sport nor a student sport, but a new and innovative work that portrays the growth and struggles of office worker athletes.

The staff is directed by Yamauchi Aya, the director of “Arslan Senki” and “City Hunter the Movie”, and the badminton scenes in “The Badminton play of Ayano Hanesaki!” which depicted badminton scenes in a powerful and beautiful way. The script is written by Utsumi Teruko of “Sarazanmai,” and Yasuda Suzuhito of “Durarara!” and “Yozakura Quartet” will be in charge of the character designs.

The cast consists of Enoki Junya as Shiratori Mikoto, a prodigy athlete who has been unable to achieve his desired results due to a trauma, and Miki Shinichiro as Miyazumi Tatsuru, a veteran athlete with top sales performance who will be Mikoto’s buddy.
Other teammates include Ishikawa Kaito as Saeki Souta, who is cool in both work and competition, Osaka Ryota as Saeki Toya, who is active with his natural quickness and intuition, and Kakihara Tetsuya as Takeda Kouki, who is notorious for his good-natured behavior but is extremely weak in the real world.

The two teaser visuals that were released this time depict the respective figures of an office worker and an athlete. In addition, the teaser PV features a badminton scene full of dynamism, making us even more excited for the start of the anime in January next year.

The TV anime “Ryman’s Club” will start in January 2022 on TV Asahi’s late night anime slot “NUMAnimation”. Please look forward to more news in the future.

The full text of the comments is below.
[Enoki Junya]

–Please tell us your impressions of this work.
I thought it was attractive because it depicted badminton in a serious way, while at the same time expressing an office worker’s life in an interesting way.
I was very enthusiastic about the badminton scenes from the recording stage, so I’m looking forward to it’s completion.

–Please tell us your impression of the character you are playing and your enthusiasm for the role.
I got the impression that Mikoto is very obsessed with badminton and doesn’t care much about other things.
He has a cool atmosphere, but I think he is a character full of humanity, so I want to enjoy playing him.

[Miki Shinichiro]

–Please tell us your impressions of this work.
First of all, it’s an original work, so you never know what’s going to happen.
Also, while it’s about the sport of badminton, it’s about a business club. Unlike students, it depicts the conflicts of adult society, and it feels fresh and real.

–Please tell us your impression of the character you are playing and your enthusiasm for the role.
Whether it’s at work or in the badminton club, I think he’s a person who can see the world around him and maintain a good balance both in general and individually.
He is the kind of person who makes me wish I had a brother like him. I would like to be close to him and gain life experience together.

[Ishikawa Kaito]

–Please tell us your impressions of this work.
I was wondering how it would turn out since it is about sports for working adults.
I was wondering what it would be like. Of course, the sports are exciting, but it also depicts the hardships and struggles of working adults, and I think it will be a heart-warming work.

–Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
The character I play, Souta, is very cool and has flat emotions.
However, his badminton ability itself is remarkable and I think he is one of the best on the team.

[Osaka Ryota]

–Please tell us your impressions of this work.
I thought it was a genre that didn’t seem to exist: playing badminton while working as an office worker. I think this work depicts the realism of balancing work and sports, which is different from when you’re a student, and you can’t just focus on sports.
The main story is about badminton, but also about work in a very realistic way, so it’s a two-for-one story.

–Please tell us your impression of the character you will be playing and your enthusiasm for the role.
Toya may seem light-hearted in terms of appearance and tension, but inside he is passionate and cares about his friends a lot.
In particular, I thought he cared about Mikoto, the main character, because they were classmates. He is the kind of character who will always reach out to you if someone is feeling down.
In a sense, he is a character who looks over the whole world, so I hope I can have fun playing the role while paying attention to the things you usually don’t notice unless you read the character carefully.

[Kakihara Tetsuya]

–Please tell us your impressions of this work.
When I read the audition materials, I was convinced that this work would be interesting (laugh).
Please look forward to a coming-of-age story woven by working people, not students.

–Please tell us your impressions of the character you are playing and your enthusiasm for the role.
The character I play, Takeda, is the mood maker of the team and a person who can play both serious and funny. He’s good for sales (laugh).
As a performer, I get to show off a wide range of theatrical skills, which makes me a better actor! I love this character, he’s so cute!

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