“BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations” had its broadcast postponed due to COVID-19. The recommencement of the broadcast has been scheduled for 5 Jul. onward, and its new arc “Shell” will commence from 19 Jul. onward. In addition, new cast members have also been added.

The original shounen manga is currently being serialized in “VJump”. In the “Shell” arc, Bolt and team seven head for The Land of Valleys on a new mission. There, Bolt and the team get wrapped up in a series of unexpected events.

In lieu of the “Shell” arc, the members of the “Shell” have been announced with the character designs of Victor and Deepa as well as their voice actors. Cho will be voicing Victor, a mysterious character with a bandaged right eye. Kakihara Tetsuya will voice original character “Shell” member, Deepa. We have received comments from Cho and Kakihara.

In addition to that, we have also received a hand-drawn illustration by Director Kouda Masayuki commemorating the recommencement of the production. This illustration, along with another design sketch of BORUTO at home, will be presented as original postcards to viewers. Details can be found on the official site.

TV Anime “BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations” will resume broadcasting from 5 Jul. onward and its new arc “Shell” will commence from 19 Jul. onward.

<The full comments can be found below>
“Victor ・ Cho”
I've heard that this was a villain's role but…. how evil is he??? You really can't tell from people's outward appearances. Maybe, he's not that bad??
Well, this guy is probably the worst-!!! Wait, wait, but, maybe I share some similar traits with him?? Argh!! I feel like I've seen that kind of old man somewhere!! I'm sure of it!!
Hahaha, well, if everyone is able to think of the above, that'll be great~. I hope everyone will look forward to it!!

“Deepa ・ Kakihara Tetsuya”
I'm Kakihara Tetsuya and I have the pleasure of voicing Deepa. As he is an original character, I am able to perform freely without any restraints. Even though he's one of the bad guys, he's cute and I hope you'll support him!!!
Please!! Hahaha

(C) K S/S・ T・ P