A new station member, Kachidoki Hirona, which is an anthropomorphic version of Kachidoki Station, has appeared in the “Miracle Train” web content that anthropomorphizes train stations into beautiful boys.
Kakihara Tetsuya, a voice actor known for “A3!”, “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”, and other works, is voicing the character.

“Miracle ☆ Train” is a web-content from the official website that provides a 4-frame comics about “Station Men,” anthropomorphic stations, novels, and escort voices, which you can enjoy being in the date mood by listening to the guide of the station and town.

“Kachidoki Hirona”, who is voiced by Kakihara, is a romantic station member with a cheerful personality that loves the sea and is also interested in myths and constellations. Along with the high-rise condominiums and commercial facilities developing, the number of passengers getting on and off at the station has increased, and it is the fourth most popular character on the Oedo Line after Roppongi.

Escort Voice, which is currently being distributed, will guide you around the station, centering around Kachidoki Station and the symbol of the city, Kachidukibashi. Also, the escort voice CD, which includes voice records undelivered on the web, is scheduled to be released in June.

(C)Miracle Train Project