The voice actor variety program “Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #20” was streamed from 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM, on September 7, 2021, on ABEMA “Anime LIVE Channel”. This broadcast featured Shimono and Uchida challenging various console games.

For this broadcast, instead of the usual stage set, Shimono and Uchida appeared in a relaxing manner with the legless chair and cushion.
The first game that they played was the “Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics” that consists of a total of 51 games, from the standards games to minor games. Both of them will try out a few games while competing with each other, and the winner is the one with the most wins. After playing “Toy Tennis”, “Toy Curling”, “Matching”, and “Four-in-a-Row”, Uchida didn’t win against Shimono in any games as Shimono is having a consecutive winning. In the next game “Air Hockey”, both of them were evenly matched and their shout of “Oh My God” and “What!?” had hyped up the competition.
In the end, Uchida managed to make the winning score, and she showed a bright smile while holding up the cushion and said “Finally! I had won!” as she managed to get her first victory. However, Shimono won the final game, “Speed”, making this an overall victory to Shimono as the final score was 5 to 1.

The next game was the 2D action game, called “Mess Adventure”, which is said to be a “beginner killer” as it is filled with unexpected traps.
Toward this irrational game, where they will lose immediately if they activated the traps, such as falling due to the hidden block and getting stabbed by the thorn due to the bouncy floor, Shimono and Uchida mentioned “Huh!? Come on~” and “Is there even such thing!?” while fainting in agony. Both of them progressed through the game slowly while being afraid of the sudden traps, but the play time for the game has ended. Then, it seemed like they got addicted to the mysterious charms of this game and said “It was quite interesting!” and “It gives you the feeling of ‘what will happen’!” as if they got used to the anxious and tricky mechanism.

After that, they played “Cake Bash”, where they challenged various mini games while being sweets. The point of this game is to become the cutest and most delicious sweets by buying the toppings with the coins obtained from winning the mini games. For this game, they were split into two teams, which are Shimono & Uchida Team and staff team as they have a 2 vs 2 competition.
Both of them were healed by the cuteness of the sweets characters, but once the game started, they showed off their gaming personality by saying “Ora Ora Oraaaa” and “Let me pay you back!” as it has become a mess since they attacked their opponents. Shimono had retorted toward Uchida, who forgot the purpose of this game and focused on disturbing her opponents, by saying “Maaya you forgot the purpose of the game!” and “This is not a cake war!” in various scenes. Then, the both of them, who had forgotten about the time due to the fun game, said “It’s quite fun playing party game with everyone, right?” and “I want to play it one more time!” as they looked back toward the broadcast.

“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #20” is currently available on ABEMA.

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