“Say You To Yo Asobi Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya】 #16”, featuring the voice actors Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya, was streamedon the “Anime Live Channel” of a new future TV “Abema”, on August 3, 2021.

In this episode, they challenged “Natsu-da! Matsuri-da! Fruits-da! OA-chu ni Atenaito Ikema10 (lit. Summer! Festival! Fruits! Guess All the Top 10 in Streaming)” as last week, and also took part in “Original Goods Kaigi 2021 (Original Goods Conference 2021)”, where they make a plan for the original goods of “Say You To Yo Asobi”.

“Summer! Festival! Fruits! Guess All the Top 10 in Streaming” held again following “#15”, is a “Kaerema10*” style corner where they have to continue eating fruits until they make a right guess of all the top 10 of “What fruit do you want Shimono Hiro & Uchida Maaya to eat?”, which was asked to the viewers ahead of the streaming. They could not complete it last week, and they challenged again.
*Kaerema10: a TV program where the guests cannot go home until they make a right guess of all the top 10 items of certain topics

Reviewing the fruits they completed last week, they confirmed that 1st, 5th, 6th, and 10th places are yet to be answered. They learned from the experience, and guessed that summer fruits are likely to be on the ranking, and had a good start by answering correctly shine muscat(6th place), watermelon(1st place), and pineapple(5th place) in a row. However, this was the beginning of hardship.

Shimono gave an answer of papaya as it is a summer fruit, but it was on 17th place, and they struggled to finish eating it up for its unique smell. Following that, Uchida gave an answer of bing cherry. She then realized that little time was left, and took her special skill (?) to cover the bing cherry with other fruit, but it was unfortunately on 12th place.

It was too hard for them to complete all the top 10, and Uchida involuntarily said “It’s impossible!”. Although the streaming was almost ended, Shimono wanted to complete it by the end, and speeded up his challenge. He showed his sense of chivalry, saying “Ok fine, I’ll eat them up all!”, and ate up 7 kinds of fruits, including a banana, strawberry, tangerine, and orange, in the last few minutes. However, they were all incorrect despite his brave fight, and the streaming ended with 10th place unanswered.

After that, in the beginning of “Say You To Yo Asobi Premium 【Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya】 #16”, which is streamed exclusively for the “Abema Premium” members, 10th place was announced to be grape. They gave their thoughts with regretful expressions, saying “I wasn’t expecting it to be an answer”, “If we had had more time, it would have been the last to be answered!”, and “We may have missed grapes because shine muscat was already on the rank”.

Furthermore, “Original Goods Conference 2021” was held in response to the announcement of the original goods of “Say You To Yo Asobi”. For “Say You To Yo Asobi Tuesday”, they are going to produce a “towel-ish item”, and proposed their ideas under the theme of “towel that can be used as a decoration”. Shimono proposed a design featuring “battle”, saying “Tuesday streaming is a battle with the staff members in some way”, and Uchida proposed a design inspired by “piece”, saying “It’s like happiness. I want the item to be like We are Tuesday!”.

The ideas were totally opposite, however, they were the same in terms of all the members, including the staff and guest as well as Shimono and Uchida, assembling together. They continued to propose various ideas, remembering what have happened in the streaming on Tuesday so far, saying “Let’s put Tasuko! (Tasuko is Hatanaka Tasuku in ‘#13’ with landmine make-up on)”, and “How about putting ‘Marimo Ringo’ on us? (Marimo Ringo; lit. Moss Ball and Apple)”. They raised expectations for the original goods to be produced, saying “It’s so cute” and “Nice!”.

“Say You To Yo Asobi Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya】 #16” is now available exclusively for the Abema Premium members on “Abema Video”. “Say You To Yo Asobi Premium 【Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya】 #16”, which streams special videos such as after-talks, is also available for the “Abema Premium” members, so please check it out as well if you are a fan.