Voice Actor variety program “Seiyu to Yoasobi TUE [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #19” will be streamed on ABEMA “Anime LIVE Channel” from 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm on August 24, 2021. In this episode, Shimono and Uchida enjoyed being like Mutsugoro-san and tried various creature quizzes.

In the quiz corner, “How to Hold Living Things Properly,” the quiz was based on the book “How to Hold Living Things” which describes how to safely hold various living things, from animals to insects, without hurting them.
When they moved to another studio where they were told that animals were waiting for them, there were many stuffed animals there. It seemed to be a “healing Tuesday” for Shimono and Uchida, and while playing with the cute stuffed animals, they were asked to answer the questions in the “Mutsugoro-san style”. They will wear hats and glasses and transform into “Hiro Goro” and “Maaya Goro”.

First, Uchida tried to hold a rabbit, saying, “There, there, there, you, gorgeous rabbit. You feel relieved when you are wrapped up in a white towel.” She explained so while doing impressions, and answered; holding him in a tissue, which resulted in incorrect.
She seemed convinced, saying “Makes sense,” when she learned how to hold a rabbit; hold him as if you were hugging him from his back so that he would not hit you if he kicked you.

Shimono then tried to hold a big dog saying, “You are such a cute big dog, huh. Goog boy, good boy,” and he rubbed and holded the dog and rolled around with him, which made him look “Hiro Goro” completely possessed him. Uchida also let out her voice, “It’s pretty intense lol”. Although it was a splendid demonstration, the result was incorrect, and Shimono lamented, “Who could answer that?” and “Have you ever held a big dog?”

The two of them then took part in a quiz on how sleeping animals look. Shimono, who tried to guess how a sleeping sea otter looked, played the role of a playboy sea otter, saying, “I’ll call you later,” “You know, we otters attract a lot of attention just because we are sea otters,” and “I get in a bad position just because I’m too cute.” Uchida made a sharp reaction to it, saying, “Who would like that kind of sea otter? lol” Then, Shimono kept making a series of jokes, such as trying to sleep wrapped in plastic wrap, saying, “After all, I can’t sleep without a high-class futon, can I?” Obviously, they were all incorrect.

When the correct answer, “Sleeping holding hands,” was displayed, Uchida reacted to how adorable they sleep, screaming “Oh my gosh! Cute!” Shimono, who failed the quiz, was given a stuffed sea otter and instructed to demonstrate the correct answer. Shimono was embarrassed and said, “I’m so embarrassed right now,” but held hands with the stuffed otters and looked cute.

The program also included corners such as “You’re the author! Yoasobi Reading Session” and “DummyHe Healing” as usual.
“Seiyu to Yoasobi TUE [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #19” is currently being streamed on ABEMA.

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