Voice actors Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya appeared in “Say You to Yo Asobi: Tuesday [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #17”, which was broadcast on August 10, 2021 on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new future TV “ABEMA”.

In this episode, which was the second day of “Yukata WEEK” in which the MCs wear yukata every day, they wore yukata in the style of hot spring inns and took on the challenges of “If you are wearing a yukata, this is it! Yo Asobi Summer Festival”. They played games such as “Giant Cotton Candy Challenge,” “What’s in Takoyaki?”, and “Real Oni Nakase Challenge”. In the latter half of the program, they also played their usual corner, “Damihe Healing.”

In this episode, which was broadcasted during the “Yukata WEEK”, Shimono and Uchida, who had been saying “I want to go to a hot spring!”, appeared in yukata and haori in the style of a hot spring hotel. “Yukata is yukata, but we want to feel like we’re staying at a hot spring hotel,” they said, turning around with smiles to show off their coordination. They were dressed in yukata, which is different from what they have worn in the past, with the viewers saying “They look so cute together!” “Can’t get enough of it……”, “It’s healing! “

In the special program “If you are wearing a yukata, this is it! Yo Asobi Summer Festival”, they played various mini games against each other at the cotton candy and takoyaki stalls set up at the “Summer Festival” venue in another studio.

First, they visited the cotton candy stall and tried the “Giant Cotton Candy Challenge” to make a cotton candy as big as possible. There were 5 colors of crystal sugar prepared, and the winner was the one who could make it bigger and more beautiful. After watching the staff’s example, the two were amazed by the huge cotton candy and said, “I didn’t know you could do this! “I want to do it! I want to do it!” Uchida-san said, “This is almost my first time to make cotton candy,” and they immediately started to try.

At first, Uchida-san was in a good mood, “It’s coming together!” “It’s amazing!” but as the candy got bigger and bigger, the shape didn’t come together neatly and she became discouraged. The challenge ended when Uchida-san’s heart was about to break as she dropped the cotton candy she had rolled up. Uchida-san said, “It was difficult to make it nicely shaped,” and named her cotton candy, “It’s not what it looks like, it’s what’s inside! Wata-ame”.

Shimono-san, who had experience making cotton candy at a Japanese inn, took on the challenge next. At first, Shimono-san struggled to make the base of the cotton candy, saying, “It’s coming right out…,” but he gradually got the hang of it and the candy grew into a large piece. Uchida-san watched and said, “It’s so beautiful! It’s looking good”. Eventually, Uchida-san’s “melon soda colored” cotton candy was completed, with a green base and a hint of light blue. Shimono-san won the competition.

Afterwards, they opened their mouths wide and gobbled up the homemade cotton candy. “It’s delicious!” “It’s so good! “I ate all of it!” they said as they tasted the handmade cotton candy.

There was also a “What’s in the takoyaki?” and a shooting game using toy pistols, “Real Oni Crying Challenge.” Uchida-san said, “Because today is all the summer festivals for this summer! ” and “I can’t believe I’m wearing a yukata, eating takoyaki and wata-ame.” and Shimono-san also agreed, “I think it’s the last time this year, too!” They seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the “Yo Asobie Style” summer festival, and closed the corner with a Bon dance.

It was also announced that Taniyama Kishou would appear on August 17 of the next week, which is the “Special Guest Week” where guests would appear for five consecutive days. We’re looking forward to it!” “I feel like there will be various chemical reactions,” they said.

Say You to Yo Asobi: Tuesday [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #17″ is now available on ABEMA Video and ABEMA Premium. Fans can also check out “Say You to Yo Asobi Premium [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #17,” which features exclusive footage from after-talks and more, on “ABEMA Premium.

{“Anime LIVE Channel” / “Say You to Yo Asobi: Tuesday [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] #17”}
August 10, 2021 (Tue) Broadcast
Cast (honorifics omitted): Shimono Hiro, Uchida Maaya
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