“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya】#14”, the TV program featuring Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya on “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic “ABEMA”, was broadcast on July 20, 2021. Welcome back ceremony unique to “YOASOBI” was held, and Shimono commented, “I’m back!” and thanks his fans and Uchida, who waited for him.

This program was the first episode after Shimono was back. In the opening, the hero show-like title “Welcome Back! Shimotraman” was shown. With the starting line, “I don’t like bad people! I love milk and fried chicken. All humanity should wear glasses! Shimotraman is now back!”, Shimono dressed up as “Shimotraman” appeared in front of the screen and invoked laughter from Uchida and audience.

Shimono seemed to suffer from this reckless show, which he wore a red and white hat like an elementary school student and moving while making a flying posture on the meeting desk. Uchida looked at the show and reacted, “What are you doing?”, “What is Shimotraman?”, “Hurry up, come here lol”, while bursting into laghter.

After completing “YOASOBI”-like ceremony, Shimono greeted to the fans, “I’m back!” and thanks Uchida and his fans, who waited for his return.

During the opening talk, Shimono continued, “I feel like I worked too hard. I reorganized my feeling and cleaned my room at the same time. I cooked sometime, and cooked something that I haven’t made for a while, like oyakodon (egg, chicken, vegetable in a bowl filled with rice)”. He seemed to enjoy the recuperation period.

The MCs challenged “Buzz x2 Burger Challenge”. This program was about the MCs making an original burger that makes a buzz on SNS on July 20, the burger’s day. They competed on how appealing their burger is, through the voting from the audience.
The judges decide the burger not only on how well-looking it is, but also how luxurious can they place it on the plates. They first dressed as the burger shop employees to make them feel real. They started making burgers after “welcoming” the audience to their shop.
The staff has ready with not only the popular ingredients, like buns, patties, lettuce, and tomato, but they also ready the abnormal choices, including Imagawa cake, fried Shiitake, and banana. They made their burgers, while eating warm Imagawa cake by saying “We should eat this while it’s hot”.

Uchida chose lettuce, pineapple, tomato, cheese, and bacon without hesitation to make a nice burger, and placed all decoration toppings that was available for her. She was ready with a dish filled with food. In contrast, Shimono carefully made his burger with his favourite lettuce, onion and pickles, and neatly adjusting the taste. Shimono’s burger looked not too unique, but he placed half-cut Imagawa cake on the top. His final work was “Shimotraman Burger”, which used Imagawa cake as the horn of an Ultraman.

Uchida took pictures and edited with special angles and effects, and her ability to make a “Buzz” was evident. As the result, 70% of the audience voted for Uchida and 30% for Shimono on “which burger can make more buzz on SNS?”, and Uchida proudly commented, “this is the photograph of whom mastered to look appealing on the SNS”.

Shimono gave up on competing Uchida after looking at her work. He praised her, “Wow, you are different and unique!”, and “I learned a lot from you” and the winner went to Uchida, who used her camera completely.

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