“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Wednesday 【Komatsu Mikako x Uesaka Sumire x Aimi】#16”, which is run by the voice actors Komatsu Mikako, Uesaka Sumire, and Aimi, was broadcast in the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”’s channel called “Anime LIVE Channel” on August 4, 2021.

This episode did programs proposed by Aimi, who became a new MC from this August. The programs included, “Aimi presents The first trial in YOASOBI history! ○○〇 TAKE 2”, which retook the greeting in the beginning “Hi, I’m Aimi” multiple times, and “Aimi presents Debate Until Morning! Live Dummy Head Microphone Until Sunrise!”, which discussed new projects using a dummy head microphone.

This episode was the first episode for Aimi, after becoming the MC. Aimi interrupted Komatsu and Uesaka, who were in the middle of a conversation, “what the heck are you doing?” with a strong Osaka dialect. The comedy show between Aimi, and Komatsu and Uesaka was held, while Aimi asked “Do you know what day it is today?” to make others celebrate her first MC, Komatsu and Uesaka pretended that they didn’t realize how important the day was.

Aimi then started to introduce herself with “Sunshine Aimi” style by saying “I am the first and probably the last~” (this style comes from the Japanese comedian, Sunshine Ikezaki), and destroyed a handmade dummy head microphone made from foam styrol with full power. Komatsu teased her, “She is different from what I know about Aimi-chan..” and Uesaka reacted that “You have enough presence, so you don’t have to be a memorable being!”, and the new “destructive” Wednesday started with Aimi being a part of it already.

In “Aimi presents Debate Until Morning! Live Dummy Head Microphone Until Sunrise!”, the MCs discussed the new program that used a dummy head microphone. The beginning of the debate talked nicely, with Komatsu opposed to Aimi’s new idea and Uesaka objectively commented on the proposals, but the later half was a solo joke show by Aimi.

Aimi continued to propose unrealistic ideas, including skydiving while talking with a dummy head microphone called “sky dummy head-ing” and the program diving underwater while speaking called “Scuba dummy head-ing”, and Komatsu kept reacting, “what is going on!?” and “they sound nice, but that’s it!”.

Other than these ideas, Aimi created her own world by proposing “Whisper Comedy Show” (holding a comedy show while whispering into a microphone), and “Smooth Drinking ASMR” (streaming the sound of food going down the throat). Kometsu seemed to be overwhelmed with Aimi’s passion toward variety shows “Your ideas spring out like a fountain”.

The 3 MCs held a busy 90-minute show like a comedy show. Aimi reviewed her first “Yoasobi” by saying, “I had so much fun!” and “You two keep laughing at my jokes”, and Komatsu and Uesaka responded that “I felt like a new character has come” and “I am excited to see how this program rolls”. At the last scene of the show, it was announced that Oostuka Sae will appear as a guest in the “#17” episode. The expectation toward the next episode rose.

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