“Say You to Yoasobi Monday #17″ featuring the voice actors Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki as the hosts, was broadcast at 10:00 PM, on August 9, 2021. As it was “Yukata WEEK”, both of them appeared in yukata.

During the broadcast, there were corners, such as “Escaping the summer heat project! Let’s create a glass aquarium in yukata” and “Let’s think on Monday’s original goods!”, where they think on the designs for the original goods of “Say You to Yoasobi”.

■This is the first challenge for Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki in creating the “Glass Aquarium”!

As it was “Yukata WEEK”, Yasumoto and Maeno appeared in yukata. Yasumoto wore the chic two-tone color yukata with black as its base while Maeno wore the refreshing blue yukata. Toward the rare appearance of the two in yukata, the audience commented “So cool!”, “Awesome!”, “This a sight for sore eye!”, and “Their sexiness is going over the limit” as the program had a great start.

During the program, they had undergone the corner “Escaping the summer heat project! Let’s create a glass aquarium in yukata”. After welcoming the aquarium artist, Hayasaka Makoto as the instructor, they started the challenge in creating the popular glass aquarium as an interior decoration to help cooling the room.
The instructor’s work that expressed the natural scenery with the seaweeds and drifting woods in the light bulb-shaped glass container, caught the interest of both of them as they mentioned “Cool!”, “It’s stylish”, and “Can we even create this!?”.
Toward the instructor’s reply on “This is all about the sense”, both of them start torturing themselves with “It all about passion…” and “I will rely on my intuition” as they started to create the glass aquarium.

First, they chose their desired container. Despite receiving the instructor’s advice of it easier if the opening of the container is wide, the both of them chose the most difficult container which is the light bulb with a small opening as they were moved by the instructor’s work. As there were a big and small light bulb-shaped container, the both of them played rock, paper, scissors in deciding it, and the winner Maeno chose the big, while the loser Yasumoto challenged the more difficult small container. With this, they both of them will be creating something different from each other.

After that, they inserted the dirt, and used the rock and drifting woods as the base in the creation process. While using the tweezers to grip the materials, they started the delicate process of placing it in the container. However, Yasumoto mentioned “This narrow opening is so hard” showing his struggle due to the drifting wood getting caught in the narrow opening of the container. Then, during the process of placing the seaweed, an incident happened as Yasumoto’s container got broken. It seem that Yasumoto unconsciously hit the container with tweezers, and his comments toward the delicate action were “A small container isn’t a good choice for beginner” as it seem that he realized how difficult it is.

After calming down, he restarted the creation process with a wide opening container. While being immersed in the creation process, both of them mentioned “This is so interesting!”, “Let me stay focus”, and “Guess we will remain quiet~”, the both of them finish off their unique, pop work as if they are showing off their artistic side by placing the human and dog figure and using the floating weed.
While they reflected back toward their first challenge in the glass aquarium, Maeno shared his in-depth thought of “This is really all about sense. The more we spend time in it, the wider the world setting we can create”. Yasumoto also mentioned that “Even if we have created in our mind, it’s hard to express it during the creation process. It was quite relaxing” as he felt the difficulty in creating this. This showed that both of them had caught on the appeal of the glass aquarium.

Also, as next week is a “Special Week”, it was announced that guests will appear everyday for 5 day consecutively. For August 16, the guest is Kobayashi Chiaki. Yasumoto’s comments on Kobayashi are “I’m not exaggerated that he is the person that I have most interested in, in a certain manner. He is a lump of bravery!” as he shows his eagerness toward the next broadcast.