It was announced that the TV anime “Mieruko-chan” will start in October 201. The 1st PV and 2nd teaser visual have been released. Also, Amamiya Sora as the voice of Yotsuya Miko, Honda Kaede as the voice of Yurikawa Hana, and Sakura Ayane as the voice of Niguredou Yuria have been announced. Their comments have been released as well.

“Mieruko-chan” is based on the same-name manga that is currently serialized on Comic Walker after the short version that is posted on Twitter had received great feedback.
It depicts a brand-new horror-comedy where the encounters with all the scary yet friendly strange beings are all being “ignored”.

This time, it was announced that “Mieruko-chan” will start broadcasting in October 2021 together with the release of the 1st PV and the 2nd teaser visual. The teaser visual will be available in both “Visible ver.” and “Non-visible ver.” as well this time.

For the cast information, Amamiya Sora is the voice of Yotsuya Miko, Honda Kaede is the voice of Yurikawa Hana, and Sakura Ayane is the voice of Niguredou Yuria. The opening theme song of this anime sang by Yotsuya Miko (voiced by Amamiya Sora) could be heard in the PV.
Also, the special live program featuring the cast members has been decided. It will start on July 28, 2021, on YouTube, so do check it out.

TV anime “Mieruko-chan” will start broadcasting in October 2021, on TOKYO MX, BS N-TV, AT-X, and other channels.

Amamiya Sora, voice of Yotsuya Miko

I had read the original work previously, so I was quite happy when I got a role in this anime that I wanted to be featured in.
I can’t believe that I was told “Please make it sound like a horror instead of Miko’s voice” in the teaser PV… (Haha)
However, this type of element is part of the mechanism of this work, so it would make me glad if you are able to enjoy this anime!

Honda Kaede, voice of Yurikawa Hana

I’m Honda Kaede, who is the voice of Yurikawa Hana!
I had become a fan of the original work!
I love the balance between the horror element and comedy element, so it gives a mysterious feeling of laughing despite being afraid.
Hana does things on her own, she is air-headed and very energetic , so I would try my best to express the cheerful Hana during the interaction with Miko.
Do look forward to it!

Sakura Ayane, Niguredou Yuria

I started reading the original work during the audition, but I am unable to stop reading it afterward. At the same time, it made me think, “I can’t call myself as a manga lover since I missed out on this work that has a good sense…”
I was surprised and happy when I got the role of Yuria, as I have many rivals for this role. So, I would try my best in this role together with the life experience that I had.
I am looking forward to the animation as a fan, to see how it will depict the manga that is filled with the panel splitting, interactions, and the depiction of the “visible thing”.

(C) Izumi Tomoki, KADOKAWA Publishing/ Mieruko-chan Production Committee