The pair of Tamura Atsushi (London Boots 1 and 2) and Morimoto Hideki (Nibun no Go!) visited Saga Prefecture, which is the mecca of the TV anime “Zombie Land Saga”, in the special TV program called “Lon Boo Atsushi's Zombie Land Saga Mecca Visiting Tour”. It will be aired on TVQ Kyushu Broadcast from Feb. 24, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
It will be available on “TVQ Kyushu Broadcast Official YouTube Channel” exclusively for 1 month after the broadcast on TV.

In this special program, Atsushi of Lon Boo, Morimoto of Nibun no Go!, and Yamazaki Kana from TVQ Kyushu Broadcast visit the locations appeared in “Zombie Land Saga”, including “Karatsu Station Plaza”, which “Franchouchou” held their 1st live, “Karatsu City Furusato Hall Arpino”, where the impressive concert was held in episode 12, “Karatsu City Museum of History & Folklore”, which the members live in, “Drive-In Tori Imari Store”, the restaurant which the visitors must visit, and “Saga Castle History Museum”, which the members did the rap battle in episode 2.

In addition, the 3 visitors interact with the people of Saga, including the governor Yamaguchi Yoshinori, while introducing the Saga's charms.
Furthermore, Hondo Kaede, the voice actress playing the protagonist of “Zombie Land Saga”, Minatomo Sakura, will narrate the program. Fans should definitely check out this program.

“Lon Boo Atsushi's Zombie Land Saga Mecca Visiting Tour” will be broadcast from Feb. 24, 2020 4:00 pm on TVQ Kyushu Broadcast. This program will be released exclusively on “TVQ Kyushu Broadcast YouTube Channel” for 1 month after the broadcast on TV.

The application form of the collaboration goods with “Zombie Land Saga”, which Lon Boo Atsushi chose in the program for the audiences, is on the program website. It will given to 7 applicants by lottery. All gifts are autographed by Hondo Kaede, and the deadline of the application is Mar. 2, 2020 on 5:00 pm.

■Introducing the mecca

01. Karatsu Station Plaza

This is where “Franchouchou” held their first guerrilla concert. It a suitable starting place to begin the mecca tour.

02. Karatsu City Furusato Hall Arpino

This is where the impressive live was held in the 12th episode. We secretly entered the hall because there was something going on inside!
We had a quiz battle at the gift shop, betting on the special gifts!

03. Karatsu City Museum of History & Folklore

The visitors must come to this place! This is where the members of “Franchouchou” live in. The caretaker of this building said that a lot of fans visit this place for site seeing! This building contains the atmosphere that makes you think “there might be zombie inside”.

04. Drive-In Tori Imari Store

The visitors who come to see the places related to “Zombie Land Saga” should eat at here! The set menu of the fresh chicken, tasty chicken with rice, and the soup with chicken soup stock is delicious. The guests are also impressed to see the CEO of the restaurant, who also appeared in anime as the voice actor!

05. Saga Castle History Museum

This is the last place the guests visited as Lon Boo Atsushi is a big fans of castle and history. This is where the characters did the rap battle in the 2nd episode. The guests enjoyed the conversation on anime with the anime fans at the center of the castle!
Yamaguchi Yoshinori himself introduces the appealing point of Saga!

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