TV anime adaption of “Mieruko-chan” that is currently being serialized on Comic Walker, has been decided. The main staff, 2 types of teaser visual, and the teaser PV have been released.

The anime is based on the same-name manga that is serialized on Comic Walker after the short ver. received a great feedback on Twitter. It depicts a brand-new horror comedy where the encounters with all the scary yet friendly strange beings are all being ignored.

There are two types of teaser visual, which are “Visible ver.” and “Not Visible ver.”. Also, the teaser PV depicting the trembling horror (?) has been released.

The director for “Mieruko-chan” is Ogawa Yuuki (“Interspecies Reviewers”) and the script is written by Ihara Kenta (“The Saga of Tanya the Evil”, “Ajin: Demi-Human”) while the animation is handled by Passione, which created various popular works, such as “Higurashi: When They Cry”.
The illustration to commemorate the TV anime adaptation by the original author Izumi Tomoki has been released.

Detail information such as the broadcast period and casts for the TV anime “Mieruko-chan” will be announced at a later date. Do look forward to it.

Ogawa Yuuki (Director)
I’m not good with horror, so I can understand Miko’s feeling throughout the story while I’m reading the original work. I will try my best to deliver Miko’s feeling to everyone.

Ihara Kenta (Series Composition/ Script Writer)
I love horror since long times ago, and my debut work is also a horror, so when I received the offer for “Mieruko-chan”, I was trembling… with joy. I’m excited to see the movement as well as sound of the strange beings in the original work. Please enjoy the “World of Mieru” even if you are bad with horror.

Kadekaru Chikashi (Character Designer/ General Art Director)
“Mieruko-chan” is an interesting work that managed to fuse horror and comedy together, and I am glad to be involved in this work! I will try my best to deliver the mysterious allure of the scary yet funny from the original work in the anime!

(C) Izumi Tomoki, KADOKAWA Publishing/ Mieruko-chan Production Committee