The broadcast of the “Parallel World Cheat X Modern Pharmaceutics” fantasy “Parallel World Pharmacy” is slated for July 2022. The key visual has also been released.

“Parallel World Pharmacy” is based on the genuine pharmacy fantasy light novel written by Takayama Liz and illustrated by keepout that is being published by “MF Books”.
The young pharmacist, who collapsed due to overwork as he was too focused on his research, was reincarnated as the son of the famous royal pharmacist of the parallel world, Falma. In this parallel world where the misuses of medical treatment and medicine prescription are being widely spread, he will be using his medicine knowledge from his previous life and his cheat ability to rescue people from various diseases.

It was announced that the broadcast of “Parallel World Pharmacy” is slated for July 2022. Together with this announcement, the key visual depicting Falma, Elen, and Lotte welcoming the customer in the interior of the parallel world pharmacy has been released.
The information on the opening and ending theme songs has been released as well. The opening theme song is “Musouteki Chronicle” by Ishihara Kaori while the ending theme song is “Hakuu” by Little Black Dress.

“Parallel World Pharmacy” is slated to be broadcast in July 2022.

■ TV Anime “Parallel World Pharmacy”
Slated to be broadcast in July 2022

Original Author: Takayama Liz (MF Books/ Kadokawa Publishing)
Original Character Design: keepout
Director: Kusakawa Keizou
Series Composition: Watari Wataru
Character Design: Matsumoto Mayuko
Animation Production: Diomedéa

Opening Theme Song: “Musouteki Chronicle” by Ishihara Kaori
Ending Theme Song: “Hakuu” by Little Black Dress

Falma de Médicis: Toyosaki Aki
Eléonore Bonnefoi: Ueda Rena
Charlotte Soller: Hondo Kaede

(C) 2022 Takayama Liz/ MF Books/ “Parallel World Pharmacy” Production Committee