The TV anime adaptation of the light novel “Alternate World Pharmacy”, which has more than 2.3 million copies in circulation, has been announced. The teaser visual has been released with this announcement.

“Alternate World Pharmacy” is based on the genuine fantasy pharmacy light novel written by Takayama Liz, drawn by keepout, and published by MF Books.
The young pharmacist, who collapsed due to overwork as he was too focused on his research, was reincarnated as the son of the famous royal pharmacist of the alternate world, Falma. In this alternate world where the misuses of medical treatment and medicine prescription are being widely spread, he will be using his medicine knowledge from his previous life and his cheat ability to rescue people from various diseases.

Along with the release of the teaser visual, the celebration illustration by the original character designer keepout and manga artist Kouya Hijiri were released together with comments from the original author Takayama.

Original Author Takayama Liz

The anime adaptation of “Alternate World Pharmacy” has been decided.
I would like thank all the readers from the bottom of my heart.
I would also like to give my gratitude to keepout-sensei, Kouya Hijiri-sensei, the affiliated personnel from the publication and manga editorial department.
I am also quite grateful to the various specialist and medical personnel, who I had received guidance since the web novel publication as this work is using existing medicines and diseases as the theme.
In reality, we are facing drastic changes in our lifestyle due to the spread of novel coronavirus, but I would do my best with the anime staff in the anime production, so that this work can be a relaxing time for everyone. Please do look forward to it.

(C) Takayama Liz/ MF Books/ “Alternate World Pharmacy” Production Committee