From the TV anime ” Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure!,” a sneak peek of Episode 40, “Spin the Tale! Minori’s New Story!” to be broadcast on Sunday, December 12, has been released.

“Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure!” is the 18th installment of the series, the latest of which is currently airing on February 28, 2021.
The story begins when Natsuumi Manatsu, a first-year junior high school student born and raised on a small island, meets Lola, a mermaid girl who came to the earth in search of the “Legendary Warrior Pretty Cure”, on the day she moved in.

The title of Episode 40 is “Spin the Tale! Minori’s New Story!”.
As part of the preparations for the “Tropica Graduation Festival,” a joint club event to send off the third-year students, the Tropiculture Club decides to put on a play. Manatsu proposes to use Minori’s “Mermaid’s Tale” as a script, but Minori is hesitant, saying that there are some things wrong with the work.

On Laura’s recommendation, Minori starts to rewrite the story, but she can’t make any progress. Then, Manatsu invites Minori to go look for the “Legendary Papaya” who appears in the story. So Manatsu invites Minori to visit a papaya farm with the Tropiculture Club.
There, Minori asks Manatsu, “What kind of papaya is the legendary papaya?

“Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure!” Episode 40 “Spin the Tale! Minori’s New Story!” started airing on December 12 at 8:30 a.m. on ABC TV and TV Asahi.

TV Anime “Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure!”
Airing every Sunday morning from 8:30 a.m. on ABC TV and TV Asahi.
Cure Summer / Natsuumi Manatsu : Fairouz Ai
Cure Coral / Suzumura Sango : Hanamori Yumiri
Cure Papaya / Ichinose Minori : Ishikawa Yui
Cure Flamingo / Takizawa Asuka : Seto Asami
Laura: Hidaka Rina
Kururun: Tanaka Aimi
Series Director: Tsuchida Yutaka
Series Composition: Yokoya Masahiro
Character Design: Nakatani Yukiko
Art Design: Imai Miki
Color Design: Yanagisawa Kumiko
Music: Terada Shiho

(C) ABC-A, Toei Animation