From the TV anime “Love After World Domination”, the 1st key visual was released. Moreover, as the additional cast, the names of Okitsu Kazuyoshi, Hineda Nene, Majima Junji, Hidaka Rina, Hanazawa Kana, Kanemoto Hisako, and Sakura Ayane were announced and the comments from each additional cast member have arrived.

“Love After World Domination” is the “super hero love comedy” by Noda Hiroshi and Wakamatsu Takahiro, which is based on the manga that is currently serialized in “Monthly Shonen Magazine”. It depicts the secret relationship of Aikawa Fudo, who is the leader of the super hero group working for world peace called “Gelato 5” and Magahara Desumi, who is the leader of the secret agent working for world peace called “Gekko”.

The 1st key visual released this time depicted Fudo and Desumi in the middle of a secret date.

The additional cast and their characters for 4 Gelato members are the following: Okitsu plays Ojino Hayato (Blue Gelato), Hineda plays Jinguji Misaki (Yellow Gelato), Majima plays Todoroki Daigo (Green Gelato), and Hidaka plays Arisugawa Haru (Pink Gelato).
At the same time, Hanazawa plays Majima Kiki (Demon Beast Queen), and Kanemoto plays Kuroyuri Kyoko (Metal Queen), who are the “Queen Series” of the secret organization “Gekko”, and Sakura will play Desumi’s classmate called Houjou Anna.

The broadcast of the TV anime “Love After World Domination” begins from 2022. In commemoration for the additional cast announcement, special colored paper with cast autographs will be given through the official Twitter follow and retweet campaign.

<Full comments are below>
【Okitsu Kazuyoshi】
I can finally play the role of a superhero.
I will do my best to be as fresh as possible, like a flavor of a popping soda.
Please do look forward to Gelato 5!

【Hineda Nene】

My name is Hineda Nene, and I will be playing Jinguji Misaki! I am very glad that I can watch over the innocent romance of Fudo and Desumi as Misaki in the anime. I will do my best as a reliable older sister of Gelato 5! Please look forward to “Koiseka”, the anime filled with laughter, fights, and romance!

【Majima Junji】

I read the original manga at the time of audition, though it was very “interesting”, and hoped to be part of it someday.
Now I got the opportunity to participate , so I will enjoy the process of acting.

【Hidaka Rina】

Hi! My name is Hidaka Rina, and I will be the pink hero called Haru. That name recognition…I adore it! I also enjoy record very much.. It is a wonderful work with laughter and romance. Please look forward to the broadcast! I will protect the peaceful world!

【Hanazawa Kana】

I will be playing Majima Kiki, a.k.a. Demon Beast Queen. Her charm is her power to react to anything and recklessness that she shows in some scenes. I will play her with energy.

【Kanemoto Hisako】

I am happy to have the opportunity to participate as Kuroyuri Kyoko. I unintentionally smiled at the romance of the two protagonist because they were so cute, when reading the original manga. I look forward to watching the innocent romance scene in the anime as well! Also, please look for the fun interaction of the secret organization Gekko members.

【Sakura Ayane】

My name is Sakura Ayane, and I will be playing Hojo Anna.
I am honored to receive the role, which I was most interested in during the audition.
All characters are unique in some way, and Anna is one of them. Please look forward to the unique characters moving in the animation!

TV Anime “Love After World Domination”
Broadcast begins from 2022!

Original author: Noda Hiroshi and Wakamatsu Takuhiro (Kodansha “Monthly Shonen Magazine” Serialization)/Director: Iwata Kazuya/Series Structure: Sugisawa Satoru/Character Design: Kobayashi Akemi/Sound Director: Motoyama Tetsu/Music: Takarano Satoshi and Kasai Ryunosuke/Music Producer: Pony Canyon, Updream/Produce: Dream Shift/Animation Production: project No.9

Aikawa Fudo (Red Gelato): Kobayashi Yusuke/Magahara Desumi (Death Reaper Girl): Hasegawa Ikumi/Ojino Hayato (Blue Gelato): Okitsu Kazuyoshi/Jinguji Misaki (Yellow Gelato): Hineda Nene/Todoroki Daigo (Green Gelato): Majima Junji/Arisugawa Haru (Pink Gelato): Hidaka Rina/Majima Kiki (Demon Beast Queen): Hanazawa Kana/Kuroyuri Kyoko (Metal Queen): Kanemoto Hisako/Hojo Anna: Sakura Ayane/Narration: Tachiki Fumihiko

© Noda Hiroshi, Wakamatsu Takuhiro, Kodansha/Koiseka Production Committee