The voice actor Eguchi Takuya has appeared on “TV Guide August 2021 issue/ Issue 13” in yukata. Photos were taken at a traditional Japanese house to give off the “Japan Summer” vibe. This magazine is scheduled to be released on August 4, 2021.

Eguchi Takuya, the voice of SolidS’s Takamura Shiki that is affiliated to the Tsukino Production from the July anime “Tsukipro The Animation 2”, is being featured on the voice actor serialization “Koisuru Voice!” (Lit. Lovely Voice!) in “TV Guide 59th Anniversary Special Edition (TV Guide August 2021 issue/ Issue 13)”.

Also, if the purchase of “TV Guide 59th Anniversary Special Edition (TV Guide August 2021 issue/ Issue 13)” is made at Animate Online Shop, a photo of Eguchi Takuya will be given as a novelty.

The photos taken at the traditional Japanese house in yukata are filled with the “Japan Summer” atmosphere as he shows off his literary master-like appearance while writing, him holding the coarse oilpaper umbrella, photo of him together with the flowers, him laying down while lifting his feet off, and him eating the watermelon.
The comments from Eguchi after the photography have been released.

“TV Guide Kanto Version August 2021 issue/ Issue 13” will be released on August 4. Pre-orders are currently available on nationwide and online bookstores.

■Comments from Eguchi Takuya
Congratulation on the 59th anniversary! The number “59” has quite a weight behind it. I am quite grateful that I was called to this fantastic and historical magazine that had continued for 59 years. I am looking forward to the future developments of this magazine.

For this latest issue, my photos were taken by the same photographer in the “TV Guide April 30 Issue and May 7 Issue”, but his habit is still as strong as always (haha). It was quite fun! His continuous ideas are quite interesting, which made me think, “To think that you can use it in that way~”, and the photos were taken in a way that helps to complete this work.

By wearing a yukata at the traditional Japanese house, it gives off the vibe of “Japan summer”. Please do look forward to these mysterious photos as you are able to peek at the border between the normal and abnormal life.