The TV anime adaptation of the manga “Spy x Family”, which has over 12.5 million copies in circulation, has been announced for 2022. The teaser visual and 1st PV have been released as well along with the news that the production is by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. Also, it was decided that Loid Forger is voiced by Eguchi Takuya, and the comments from the staff and cast have been released.

“Spy x Family” is based on the home comedy by Endou Tatsuya that is currently being serialized on Shueisha’s “Shounen Jump+” with more than 12.5 million copies in circulation.
A new mission was given to the skilled spy “Twilight, which is to “create a family and sneak into a certain prestigious primary school”. In order to do that, “Twilight” called himself as Loid, and created a “fake family” by adopting the child Anya (possessed a superpower) and got into a contractual wedding with Yor (Assassin) as they face the spy activities.

The TV anime adaptation has been announced and it will be broadcast in 2022.
The director is Furuhashi Kazuhiro (“Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”), character designer is Shimada Kazuaki (“The Promised Neverland”), the insert background music is by (K)NoW_NAME, and the production is handled by the joint production between Wit Studio (“Attack on Titan”) and CloverWorks (“Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia”).

Also, it was announced that the voice of the main lead Loid Forger is handled by Eguchi Takuya (“My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected.”). The 1st PV featuring the voice of Loid was released together with two types of teaser visual by Shimada Kazuaki, so do check them out.

“Spy x Family” will start in 2022.

<Below are the full comments>

Comments from Director Furuhashi Kazuhiro

This will be my third anime work that is adapted from a Jump’s work.
I continued to work closely with the original author and the staff of Shueisha frequently during the production in order to decide how the original work with a solid story will be adapted into an anime.
I will do my best along with the elite staff so that we are able to draw out the maximum charms of the original work, so please look forward to it.

Comments from Eguchi Takuya

I’m very happy and grateful that I am able to voice Loid.
I will try my best as part of the anime family of “Spy x Family” so that everyone can enjoy it.
Allow me to say this. Yipppeee! I’m so looking forward to the recording, yeah!!!

Sorry, but this weird atmosphere. I will do my best.

■ Anime “Spy x Family” Work Information
Broadcast Period: 2022

Original Work: Endou Tatsuya (Serialized on Shueisha “Shounen Jump+”)
Director: Furuhashi Kazuhiro
Character Design: Shimada Kazuaki
Music Producer: (K)NoW_NAME
Production: Wit Studio X CloverWorks

Loid Forger: Eguchi Takuya

(C) Endou Tatsuya/ Shueisha, Spy x Family Production Committee