The latest issue of KADOKAWA’s entertainment and culture magazine, “Bessatsu KADOKAWA Scene,” features the TV anime “SPY×FAMILY.” The content includes a special interview with Eguchi Takuya, who plays Loid Forger, and Ono Kensho, who plays Yuri Briar.

“SPY×FAMILY” is a home comedy anime based on the popular manga series by Endo Tatsuya, which is currently serialized on the comic app “Shonen Jump +.” With its 10th volume released in October 2022, the series has reached a total circulation of 26.5 million.
The story depicts a skilled spy, “Twilight,” who receives an order to “start a family and infiltrate a prestigious elementary school.” With Anya, a psychic from an orphanage as his daughter, and Yor, an assassin whom he asks for contracted marriage, Twilight starts a “makeshift family” for the sake of his mission.

In the magazine’s feature, Eguchi and Ono talk about the story of “SPY×FAMILY” and the charm of each character from their perspectives. The interview also gives a glimpse into their relationship as longtime coworkers.

There will also be some exclusive illustrations of Loid Forger and Yuri Brier in this issue. The front cover features a special illustration of Anya, and other cast members (Tanezaki Atsumi, Hayami Saori, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Kaida Yuko, Fujiwara Natsumi, and Kato Emiri) will also appear in the magazine along with yama, who sings the ending theme song of the second season. The magazine will feature “SPY×FAMILY” for a total of 20 pages.

The back cover and the closing article feature the TV anime “Blue Lock,” with exclusive illustrations by Isagi Yoichi and Bachira Meguru along with photos and interviews of the cast (Ura Kazuki, Kaito Tasuku, Ono Yuuki, and Saito Soma). It takes a deeper look at the charms of the anime that attracts the public as a soccer version of the “Death Game.”

There are also features of Cho Tokkyu (Bullet Train,) Itagaki Lihito, Hata Mei, and Date Sayuri, as well as Morisaki Win (from the musical “SPY×FAMILY,”) Wada Masanari and Kizu Tsubasa (from the theatrical piece “Fuuto Tantei The STAGE,”) and Sakayori Fuuta (from the musical “The Prince of Tennis 4th season Aogaku VS Hyoutei,) the main casts of the remarkable musicals and theatrical pieces of this fall and winter.

“Bessatsu KADOKAWA Scene 12” is now on sale for 1,430 yen, including tax.