It was announced that Chiba Shigeru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kamiya Akira, and Yamaguchi Kappei will be participating as guest voice actors in “The Movie Oshiri Tantei: The Secret of Soufle Island/Survival in the Deep Sea”, which will be scree-ned at the same time as the “Toei Manga Festival”, and comments have been received from them. In addition, the trailer and poster visuals were released, with the trailer featuring Yuiko Ohara singing the theme song of “Survival in the Deep Sea!”, “Always Survive!” was also unveiled.

In “The Movie Oshiri Tantei: The Secret of Soufle Island,” a phone call from Wankoro Police leads Oshiri Tantei and his friends to Soufle Island, an island where the wind blows all year round, and they meet Lulu, a girl who can fly freely in the sky. Will Oshiri Tantei be able to protect the island’s treasure, the Wind Signpost, which Kaito U is after?

On the other hand, in “Survival in the Deep Sea!”, Gio, Pipi, and Dr. Kong board the submarine Ammo to investigate the ocean floor. However, they are attacked by a giant squid and a sperm whale, and they are in desperate straits. Will Geo and his crew be able to return safely from the deep sea?

The guest voice actors announced this time are Chiba Shigeru as Zaza, Kamiya Hiroshi as Luka, Kamiya Akira as Pepe in “The Movie Oshiri Tantei: Secrets of Soufle Island”, and Yamaguchi Kappei as Dr. Kong in “Survival in the Deep Sea!”.

In addition, I would like to draw attention to the characters and the gorgeous voice actors who enliven them, the previously announced, Suzuki Nao as Lulu in “The Movie Oshiri Tantei: The Secret of Soufle Island” and Takuji Izawa as the operator in “Survival in the Deep Sea!”.

“The Movie Oshiri Tantei: Secrets of Soufle Island/Survival in the Deep Sea!” will be released nationwide as part of the “Toei Manga Festival” on August 13, 2021.

<The full text of the comments is below>
Chiba Shigeru (playing Zaza, Lulu’s father)
Lulu’s father is too loyal to his assigned duties to be able to understand his daughter’s feelings.
Like myself, I tend to judge others and society with my eyes, ears, and heart, which are filtered by my own thoughts, but if I change my perspective, I can see a completely different world.
It’s a very good quality film that should be seen by the whole family!

Kamiya Hiroshi (playing Luka, Lulu’s brother)
Oshiri Tantei! I love it! Because it’s fun, right? He’s a detective with a bum, and he solves problems with his powerful special moves! Not only that, but all the characters are weird! I’m so happy to be the voice of someone from that world! Just as each page of the original story has its own tricks, Oshiri Tantei’si movie has many tricks to entertain you with! Please enjoy it!

Kamiya Akira (Pepe, the old fisherman)
When I first read the script, I was moved by the interesting and encouraging story.
My role, “Pepe,” is a role that involves me at the point of things. I tried my best to have fun while trying to keep up with the other attractive characters.

From the very beginning, you will be drawn into the story. And before you know it, you are already captivated by the story, right in the middle of it. Enjoy yourself.
You will be thrilled. And have a lot of fun.

Yamaguchi Kappei (as Dr. Kong)]
I had a great time playing the role of Dr. Kong this time.
Dr. Kong is a character who has had dreams and aspirations since he was a little boy and has grown up just as he is, so I immediately fell in love with him when I saw his picture.
During the recording, I felt excited as if I was on an adventure in the deep sea with him on the Ammo.
I hope everyone can experience this thrill!

[Ohara Yuiko]

“Survival in the Deep Sea!” I’m very happy to be in charge of the theme song for this wonderful anime.

“Always Survive!” is a song I wrote while imagining what would happen if I got caught up in a survival situation with Gio and Pipi, and I tried to make the lyrics fun to sing along to.
I hope you enjoy listening to it along with the movie, as it is full of the energetic voices of Gio, Pipi, and their friends, and the arrangement by manzo-sano.
I’m looking forward to seeing it in theaters too!

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