It was revealed that the voice actors, Nakamura Shougo and Nakajima Yoshiki will appear on the cover and lead article of “TV Guide Voice Stars vol.18” that will be released on June 25, 2021.

Nakajima Yoshiki is similar to Nakamura Shougo in that both of them are working as voice actors and singers at the same time, and Nakamura Shougo will be releasing his first album “NATURAL” and 4th single on his birthday, July 28. They are known as “NakaYoshi” (a word taken from part of their name, which means “good friend”) among the fans and both of them are close to each other during work and in their private lives. This magazine will contain an exclusive long article that comprises more than 20 pages that will analyze the special relationship between the two.
The comments from Nakamura Shougo and Nakajima Yoshiki have been released.

Other than that, in the “Ikebo ni Aitakute (I want to meet a handsome voice)” serialization featuring Miyato Toshiya (Kis-My-Ft2) talking with voice actors, the voice actress, Uchida Maaya will be invited as a guest as a “reward” to commemorate the 2nd anniversary. In the previous volume, “vol.17”, Miyato had a burning desire until he negotiated directly during the talk with her brother Uchida Yuuma. So, do look forward to the contents of the conversation.

Also, there will be a special talk article between Sakuma Daisuke (Snow Man), who is voicing the main character in the anime film “White Snake” that will be released on July 30, and the co-member Sugita Tomokazu. Do check out the funny gravure photos of the two.

“TV Guide Voice Stars vol. 18” is priced at 1,430 JPY, and will be released on June 25, 2021. For purchases made at Animate, Seven Net Shopping, and other stores there is also a purchase gift included..

Nakamura Shougo’s Comments
The highlight will be our bond. This is the only thing that we could say…. well, that’s a lie (haha). Both of us are filled with enthusiasm from the start till the end of the photo session, and I believe the photos were taken in our natural state. Well, it’s because we are ‘NakaYoshi’ buddies.

Nakajima Yoshiki’s Comments
I have appeared twice on the cover of TV Guide Voice Stars, which is as UMake and Sir Vanity, but I believe I am showing an expression that can only be seen in this magazine. The atmosphere during the photo session was good and there was a lot of laughter, so please look forward to the release.