“Color of Life 2nd Season” was released, where you can feel as if you were a “girlfriend” of Ono Yuki.

This video “Color of Life 2nd Season” is the 2nd round of “Color of Life”, a promo video for the release of wireless earbuds “ATH-SQ1TW” in October 2020.

Besides Ono Yuki, Hanamori Yumiri, Sakura Ayane, Enoki Junya, Kimura Ryohei, and Furukawa Makoto, are featured in the newly produced videos, where they convey their stories related to earbuds with their “voice”. They respectively play in 6 videos with different settings, such as a “date with a boyfriend”, “best friend”, etc.

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The “date with a boyfriend” version by Ono-san has been released as the memorable 1st round of the series, which started on July 12.

Your boyfriend (CV: Ono-san) is talking about his favorite video of a puppy, and you enjoy a good laugh while watching it. He sees your face, and shyly says “Your smile is the best”.

He seems to have something to tell you…… Also, please do not miss the familiar voice of a staff that brings café au lait to the table, disturbing such important words!

He started again, saying “This time for sure!”, and put the wireless earbuds “ATH-SQ1TW” in front of you. He gave it to you as “a token of his gratitude”, but there seems to be a certain reason to have chosen the earbuds……

The video was fixed and recorded to show only the hands, and only Ono-san (+ a cafe staff) speaks in the video. Ono-san’s voice solely can convey the situation and the boyfriend’s feelings, but the “hands expressions” make the video immersive even more.

Ono-san’s “…Kawaii (…Cute)” in his sweet voice would make you blush. The video gives you a feeling of being on a date with him, so please try watching it.

After the scene where he gave the earbuds, you can listen to “bonus voice” in addition to “Kawaii”!

Next time, we are going to introduce the “best friend” version by Hanamori Yumiri. It is scheduled to be released at 6:00 p.m. on July 16 (Fri), so please look forward to it!