The May 2023 issue of “Megami Magazine”, the anime and game cute female character magazine featuring Takarada Rikka, the heroine from the “Gridman Universe” movie anime, on the cover and in the magazine, has sold out by popular demand. The electronic version of the magazine is still available for purchase.

The May issue of “Megami Magazine” features the theatrical anime “Gridman Universe,” which opened in theaters on March 28, on its cover and on the first 10 pages of the magazine. It also features a staff discussion with director Amemiya Akira, screenwriter Hasegawa Keiichi, and animation producer Shida Shunsuke, as well as an interview with heroines Miyamoto Yume (who plays Takarada Rikka) and Wakayama Shion (who plays Minami Yume), which was well received by readers as “an article to read after watching ‘Gridman Universe'”.

Following the sold-out May issue, the June issue of “Megami Magazine” to be released on April 28 will also feature a special feature on “Gridman Universe” with spoilers for the climax of the film in its second volume. It features interviews with director Amemiya, Gridman designer Goto Masayuki, Dynazenon Designer Nonaka Tsuyoshi, and Ueda Reina, who plays Shinjo Akane, as well as new cuts and new mecha, monster, and character artwork. This is a must-read for fans to deepen their understanding of the theatrical anime.

In addition to this, the June issue of “Megami Magazine” will also feature ” Quintessential Quintuplets”, which announced a new anime production on April 1, on its cover and in the first volume. The magazine features interviews with Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Uesugi Fuutaro, Hanazawa Kana as Nakano Ichika, Taketatsu Ayana as Nakano Nino, Ito Miku as Nakano Miku, Sakura Ayane as Nakano Yotsuba, Minase Inori as Nakano Itsuki, and producer Ogura Takashi, which will raise expectations for the new work.

In addition, a big poster (765mm x 514mm) in the separate supplement, which is popular for its high quality illustrations, will feature new illustrations from “Gridman Universe” and “THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS U149”. In “Gridman Universe,” Shinjo Akane (New Order) and Takarada Rikka appear together for the first time in many years, and in “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS U149,” idols Akagi Miria and Ichihara Nina can be seen in their casual clothes.

The May issue of “Megami Magazine” is now on sale in electronic format. The June issue of “Megami Magazine” will be released on April 28, 2023.