Nishiyama Koutarou, a male voice actor known for his roles as Eitarou Oka in “RE-MAIN” and Horimiya Eichi in “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION”, appears in the August 6, 2021 issue of TV Guide. In the magazine, he showed a variety of expressions under the theme of “the bridegroom who ran away from his bride”.

Nishiyama showed off his tuxedo in the voice actor serial “Koisuru Voice!” In addition, if you purchase the product through animate mail order, you will receive a special raw photo.
Under the setting of “the bridegroom who ran away from his bride,” you can choose one of six different pictures, including a shot of him in a white tuxedo with a bouquet, a shot of him wearing a silk hat, a close-up of him through a soap bubble, a cut of him shedding tears, and a pose of him lying on blue petals.

“TV Guide Aug 6, 2021 Edition” will be on sale on July 28, 2021 for 430 JPY.

Nishiyama Koutarou

The theme of the shooting was “the bridegroom who was run away from by his bride…” It’s too unexpected a setting (laughs).
At first I thought, “Why would he wear a tuxedo if he escaped?” But I could tell that he thought about the story and every step of the shooting, so I thought it was an interesting challenge!
The weather was forecast to rain, but we were blessed with good weather, and the gap between the sunny weather and the sadness of the main character was created, making the film even more dramatic. It was a fun shoot! 
I hope everyone can look at the photos while imagining the story of the main character.
We also talked a lot about it in the interview, so please look forward to it.