Voice actors Suzaki Aya and Ozaki Yuka will appear in the “Super Adversity Quiz Battle! The Ninety-nine Walls Anime Song Knowledge King Contest.” It’s an “anime song quiz festival” where “serious” anime fans gather together, and Shimono Hiro will be narrating the questions in the VTR.

The “Super Adversity Quiz Battle ! The Ninety-nine Walls” is a quiz show under the MC of actor Satou Jiro, where one challenger aims to achieve a grand slam by using his or her knowledge in a super adversity situation where 99 blockers stand in their way.

In the February 6th broadcast, a two-hour “anime song quiz festival” was held as the “Anime Song Knowledge King Contest,” featuring the latest hits and nostalgic classics one after another.
Nakagawa Shouko, known as the industry’s number one anime enthusiast, will make her first appearance on the show, and popular voice actors such as Suzaki Aya, who plays Kayano Kaede in “Assassination Classroom,” and Ozaki Yuka, who plays Serval in “Kemono Friends,” will also participate.

There will be three quiz genres: “Anime Song Karaoke,” “Legendary Anime Song,” and “Seiyuu Artist.” The 25 members of the studio will test their wits in the qualifying quiz of each genre, with one challenger who wins the qualifying quiz will advance to the final stage.
The remaining 24, plus 75 remote participants from all over Japan, make up the 99 blockers, and the quiz battle of one vs. 99 will begin. The finalists will achieve the grand slam if they can answer four out of seven questions correctly.

In the “Anime Song Karaoke,” there was a quiz to fill in the blanks of the lyrics. In the “Legendary Anime Song” section, quizzes will be given on “famous songs from the past that everyone has heard at least once.
In the “Seiyuu Artist” section, anime fans from the entertainment industry will introduce their current favorite Seiyuu artists and give quizzes on each artist.

Moriguchi Hiroko, who is also active as an anime song singer, will be in charge of the commentary in another room to watch the heated competition. Another highlight of the quiz is the narration of the VTR by voice actor Shimono Hiro. It is sure to be an enjoyable two hours for anime fans and music lovers alike.

“Super Adversity Quiz Battle ! The Ninety-nine Walls Anime Song Knowledge King Contest” will air on Fuji Television on February 6th from 7:00 pm.

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