Voice actress Uchida Maaya, known for roles such as Norman from “The Promised Neverland” and Takanashi Rikka from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”, will be taking part in “Rainbow Finder”, a coming of age story that depicts four high school boys and girls
The first episode “Lens Goshi no Omoi” (Feelings Through the Lens), has been released on the special website.

“Rainbow Finder” is a 3-episode anime series revolving around Nanami, a 1st-year high school student of the photography club.
Her sister Hitomi is the ace of the track team and Tooru and Akira are her classmates. Through the everyday lives of these four characters, the story depicts various things that surround them such as, family love, friendship, relationships, and the interlaced feelings they feel.

Set in a familiar situation at a convenience store, the anime dramatically depicts the daily lives of the four high school boys and girls, portraying the concept of “Bringing surprising encounters and happiness to your everyday life,” and the catchphrase, “Tokimeki wa Sugusoba ni”. (Excitement is right beside you)
The anime is a sequel to the 7-Eleven TV commercial, “Tokimeki wa Sugusobani”, which has been aired since January 3.

Fukuhara Haruka, who is active in various fields as an actress/voice actress/singer, plays Nanami and Uchida Maaya, known for roles such as Norman from “The Promised Neverland” and Takanashi Rikka from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”, plays Hitomi.
Shiina Karuho, the author of “Kimi ni Todoke”, designed the characters, The Answer Studio, who worked on “Your Name.”, handled the animation, and “Hello/Hello feat. MAISONde, Nakimushi”, the theme song of Episode 1, was sung by the online singer yama, who is famous for “Haru wo Tsugeru”.

The anime “Rainbow Finder” Episode 1 “Lens Goshi no Omoi” is released on the special website from midnight on January 25.

【Uchida Maaya as Hitomi】
Q: What are your impressions of the completed animation?
When I watched the animation, I was truly fascinated by Nanami, Hitomi, their father, and the world that surrounded them! I especially liked the scene of eating an onigiri. I realized again how much I love eating scenes. Through watching her eat the onigiri, I felt that eating delicious food can enlighten your heart at sad, difficult times, and of course fun times too.

【Fukuhara Haruka as Nanami】
Q1: Tell us about the best parts of the anime.
As it says in the catchphrase, “Tokimeki wa Sugusoba ni” (Excitement is right beside you), I felt how excitement and happiness exist next to us when I watched the anime. So I hope everyone that watches this will feel the warmth of knowing how we are able to enjoy our lives thanks to our family, friends, and loved ones.

Q2: What was your impression of playing Nanami?
It is such a wonderful piece of work, I really looked forward to playing her and I enjoyed today’s recording. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

Q3: Was there any difficulty in playing Nanami?
I had a hard time getting the intonation right for the line, “Sugokattane”. It took about 30 minutes.

Q4: You said you’ve often went to 7-Elven since you were a child. Do you have any specific memories?
I loved running as a child. I practiced every night with my father to get into the relay race team for the school’s sports day. There was a time when buying ice cream at 7-Eleven was a reward for my hard work, and I remember saying, “This one!”, picking one from the freezer.
Also, I loved the taste of the strawberry sandwich with whipped cream and fought over it with my little brother.

Q5: The anime depicts the coming of age story of four high school students. How was your youth as a student?
I used to be a part of the brass band club. Practicing in the morning and the weekends to compete in the contest was my youth. Working together and cheering for each other are fun memories of mine.

Q6: The catchphrase of this anime is “Tokimeki wa Sugusoba ni”. What kind of things get you excited?

Even the little things get me excited. The 7-Eleven icecream reward as a child really got me excited. I was so happy eating it. Food is something I’m always passionate about. My first thought as I wake up is “What should I eat for breakfast?”, and I’m already thinking about lunch while eating breakfast, haha. Every day is like that. Food makes me excited.

Q7: What’s a food that recently got you excited?
My mother made some paella on Christmas, and the delicious taste got me really excited!

Q8: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
The anime depicts the everyday lives of four high school students at a 7-Eleven store, I think many of you will find scenes that you can resonate with. Please enjoy it.