The announcement of “Rail Romanesque”, a new series based on the world of the “maitetsu pure station” game, currently on PS4 & Nintendo Switch and features original characters such as humanoid models known as “Raillords” is set to be adapted into an anime in the autumn of 2020.

The anime will center around the main character Suzushiro and is set in the planning stage for “The first Maitetsu festival”, as well as the “Raillord Summit”. The famous Raillords will gather and in addition to “The first Maitetsu festival”, the story also follows their efforts to revive an impoverished economy.

The cast consists of Uesaka Sumire playing the main heroine Suzushiro (Raillord for the C1267 locomotive) and Suzaki Aya as Kiko (Raillord for Nakoya Railroad’s Hoji 6016 locomotive). The other seven characters’ cast will be revealed subsequently.

“Rail Romanesque” is set to broadcast from TOKYO MX and others from Autumn 2020 onward.