Dec. 25 is Suzaki Aya's birthday.

Suzaki Aya made her debut as a voice actress in the 2010's. She was awarded the Best Rookie Actresses in the 9th Seiyu Awards. In 2019, she voiced several main character in anime such as “Kandagawa JET GIRLS”, and “Miru Tights”. She was also active as a radio personality as well. The radio program “Suzaki Nishi” that was started in 2013 had become a hot topic when an anime adaption was announced for it.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader survey, “Who is your favorite character voiced by Suzaki Aya?”, filled with the feeling to celebrate her birthday. We have received a total of 84 responses in the period of Dec. 11 to Dec. 18.
For the male-female ratio, the majority was males making up 70% of the total responses while female only made up 30%. 30% of the total responses came from 19 years old and under and 45% came from 20's, making the results a focus on youngsters.

■The top goes to Tamako from “Tamako Market” The movie is popular as well
The first place is Kitashirakawa Tamako from “Tamako Market” and the support rate was approximately 20%.
The protagonist, Tamako is a high school student and her house is a rice cake shop. We had received several comments mentioning that they knew Suzaki Aya from this anime such as “The first time I knew Suzaki-san is from Tamako. Even now, I still like “Tamako Market” and Suzaki-san is the main factor for it.”

There was also a lot of support for the movie “Tamako Love Story” as well as we had received “There is no other anime that depict from a childhood friend until a lover in such detail. It fits perfectly with the catchphrase 'Close yet far, the two love'.”, and “I love the uniqueness of the movie and the delicate acting.” This show that the movie is quite popular.There was a comment mentioning that the anime is set in Kyoto's shopping arcade, saying “I always remember Tamako when I look at Kamogawa and Demachi Yanagi's shopping arcades. The anime made me love Kyoto even more.”

The second place goes to Kayano Kaede from “Assassination Classroom” and the support rating is approximately 15%.

The optimistic Kayano Kaede was the one who created the nickname “Koro-sensei”. We had received a comment saying, “She is cute and gave off a sense of kindness” but we had also received a comment on her different personality that leaves an impression, “I was attracted to the difference when she speak in a harsh and deep voice that can even freeze a serious situation.”

The third place goes to Nitta Minami from “THE IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls” andthe support rating is approximately 10%.

For Nitta Minami, who is an university student and an idol,, we have received a comment “She is beautiful, sexy, good at singing, and had a good voice… She is my dream character as she seem perfect.” and “I love her when she spoke for the first time”. It seem that this character had gathered a lot of fan as this series had continue for a long time.
Her song was popular as well as we had received support for a specific song, “I love 'Secret Daybreak'.”.

■Let's introduce other comments!!
For Mankanshoku Mako (“Kill la Kill”): “I found out that the person who isplaying Mako is Suzaki-san when I researched for it after I felt'this person voice acting is amazing' for the first time. She fits the character perfectly.”

For Natsuki Mikuru (“Aikatsu!”): “She is amazing as she is working hard as a shop attendant at the gardening shop and as an idol!”

For Poses O2 (“Robot Girl Z”): “She is a pitiful yet cute character despite having a small presence. I am surprise she had a good style after taking off the mascot costume that she is always wearing.”
For Hoshijiro Shizuka (“Knight of Sidonia”): “I had fallen for Hoshijiro's line 'One machine down'. The radio 'Photosynthesis of Aya and Ayane's Secrets' was so interesting as well!” This also showed that her conversation had caused the fans to fall for her.

Check out the overall ranking as various characters such as tidy type, optimistic type, and crazy type are ranked in.

■Top 10 Ranking
[Who is your favorite character voiced by Suzaki Aya?]
1st Kitashirakawa Tamako (“Tamako Market”)
2ndKayano Kaede (“Assassination Classroom”)
3rd Nitta Minami (“THE IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls”)
4th Mankanshoku Mako (“Kill la Kill”)
5th Natsuki Mikuru (“Aikatsu!”)
6th Tsukishima Marina (“BanG Dream!”)
7th Ephelti (“Guilty Gear” series)
7th Hoshijiro Shizuka (“Knight of Sidonia”)
9th Usagi Rurumi (“Inui-san!”)
9th Otori Asuka (“Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka”)
9th Yachiyo Mei (“RELEASE THE SPYCE”)

(Survey Period: Dec. 11 to Dec. 18, 2019