The latest work of the “Saiyuki” series, called “Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-” will start in January 2022. The 2nd lineup of main cast members and the 1st main PV have been released.

“Saiyuki” series is based on the fantasy, road movie manga by Minekura Kazuya, which is a daring arrangement of “Journey to the West”. The series has more than 25 million copies in circulation. It has various media mix developments, including 4 TV anime adaptations, OVA, anime movies, and musicals, and it is a work that is loved by many fans for more than 25 years.

The TV anime “Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-“, which depicts the popular story “Even a Worm Arc”, will start in January 2022.
The 1st PV has been released, and it depicts the encountering scene between Sanzou and his companions with the mysterious foreigner, Hazel Grouse and his servants Gat. This footage will surely hype you up toward the broadcast.

Also, the 2nd lineup of main cast members has been announced. Toochika Kouichi is the voice of the key person of “Even a Worm Arc” and the priest that came from the West, Hazel Grouse, Koyama Rikiya is the voice of Hazel’s companion, Gatty Nenehawk, and Ootsuka Houchuu is the voice of the character Ukoku Sanzo, the holder of “Muten”, who is also Ni Jianyi, the scientist of Gyumaoh.

“Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-” will start in January 2022

■ TV Anime “Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-”
【Broadcast Period】
Schedule to be in January 2022

Original Creator: Minekura Kazuya (Published on Ichijinsha Publishing “Monthly Comic Zero-Sum”)
Animation Production: Liden Films

Genjou Sanzou: Seki Toshihiko
Son Goku: Hoshi Souichirou
Sha Gojou: Hirata Hiroaki
Cho Hakkai: Ishida Akira
Hazel Grouse: Toochika Kouichi
Gatty Nenehawk: Koyama Rikiya
Ukoku Sanzo/ Ni Jianyi: Ootsuka Houchuu

(C) Minekura Kazuya, Ichijinsha/ Saiyuki Re Project