Anya Forger from the TV anime “SPY×FAMILY” will appear on the package of Marumiya Corporation’s “furikake” and “curry” for a limited time. The collaboration packages will be available from January 12 to February 28, 2023.

“SPY×FAMILY” is a family comedy anime based on the popular manga series by Endo Tatsuya, serialized on the manga app “Shonen Jump+.” The manga series has sold a total of 26.5 million copies with its 10th volume released in October 2022.
The story follows “Twilight,” a skilled spy who receives an order to “start a family to infiltrate a prestigious elementary school.” He lives as a “temporary family” with his daughter Anya, a psychic, and his wife Yor, an assassin to whom he proposed a contract marriage for the sake of his mission.

The first part of the TV anime was broadcasted in April 2022, followed by the second part in October 2022, both consisting of 12 episodes. The anime became a hot topic for its industry-leading staff, such as WIT STUDIO, CloverWorks, director Furuhashi Kazuhiro, and voice actors Eguchi Takuya, Tanezaki Atsumi, and Hayami Saori.
The theme songs are also created by popular artists, such as Official HIGE DANdism, Hoshino Gen, BUMP OF CHICKEN, and yama. It has also announced plans to produce the second season of the anime and to release a film, tentatively titled “SPY×FAMILY the Movie,” in 2023.

Anya is featured in the package designs of Marumiya’s “Furikake (Egg & Salmon)” and “Curry (Beef/Medium-Spicy),” which will be on sale for a limited time. The project aims to vitalize the character market by developing a design that puts Anya, one of the most popular characters from “SPY×FAMILY,” at the forefront.

“Furikake (Egg & Salmon)” contains four bags of egg furikake and salmon furikake, in small bags that are convenient for use at the dining table or lunch. The standard “Egg” flavor contains egg, seaweed, and dried bonito, while “Salmon” is rich in flavor and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The other product, “Curry (Beef/Medium-Spicy)” is a curry with the flavor of beef and spices. Beef, potatoes, and carrots are also used in the curry to create a dish that will satisfy even adults. The contents are 160g.

Each product will include one “SPY×FAMILY Original Glitter Sticker” (10 designs in total) and be sold at 173 yen (tax included.)

© Endo Tatsuya/ Shueisha・SPY×FAMILY Production Committee