“Boss Torokeru Cafe Au Lait Shiawase Kaoru Peanuts”, a collaboration between the anime “SPY×FAMILY” and Suntory Coffee “BOSS” for Father’s Day, will be released on June 6, 2023. To commemorate the collaboration, a “Family Boss Jean Set” for parents and children to wear together and a reversible “SPY x FAMILY” collaboration T-shirt will be offered for a chance to win.

“SPY×FAMILY” is a spy comedy about a family with a secret that tries to achieve world peace, based on the manga series by Endo Tatsuya currently serialized on Shueisha’s manga app “Shonen Jump +. As of April 2023, it will have sold more than 30 million copies.

Season 1 of the TV anime was co-produced by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, an unprecedented joint production by two companies, and aired from April and October 2022. The sequel Season 2 of the TV anime will be broadcast from October 2023, and the first movie in the series, “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White the Movie,” which was supervised by Endo, the author of the original story and the original character design, will be released on December 22, 2023.

This collaboration is based on the background of supporting fathers and their families through “SPY x FAMILY,” which depicts the bond between the “BOSS” brand, a sidekick for working people, and their families.

“Boss Torokeru Cafe Au Lait Shiawase Kaoru Peanuts” was inspired by Anya’s love of peanuts in “SPY×FAMILY” and will be available in six different designs on the side of the can. The “peanut flavor” is based on the popular “Torokeru Cafe Au Lait,” a long-time favorite in the “BOSS” lineup, and the combination of peanut flavors makes this café au lait a mouth-watering treat.

In addition, to commemorate the collaboration between “BOSS” and “SPY×FAMILY,” a “Family Boss Jean Set” and “Original QUO Cards (4 sets)” with original specifications that can be worn by parents and children together will be offered as prizes, as well as a “SPY×FAMILY” campaign that can be entered through a 2D code on “BOSS” products. “SPY×FAMILY” collaboration T-shirts and QUO Card Pay prizes will also be offered.

The “SPY x FAMILY” collaboration T-shirt is a reversible T-shirt with the front and back faces of the “SPY x FAMILY” characters on the front and back sides, respectively. Fans should check it out along with the “Boss Torokeru Cafe Au Lait Shiawase Kaoru Peanuts”.

“Boss Torokeru Cafe Au Lait Shiawase Kaoru Peanuts” a collaboration between the anime “SPY x FAMILY” and Suntory Coffee “BOSS,” will be available from June 6, 2023. An original web movie for Father’s Day is also being produced as part of this collaboration. We look forward to its release.

(C) Endo Tatsuya /Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Production Committee