The completely new series of the TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” will be broadcast from October 2022 on “Noitamina” channel from Fuji TV. The first season comes with 2 cour (24 episodes) all at once. Also, it has been announced that Hanazawa Kana will play Ran, a childhood friend of Lum who transfers to Tomobiki High School from the universe.

“Urusei Yatsura” is a romantic comedy and the debut work by Takahashi Rumiko, a manga author who continues to release new works still in 2022. The story begins when the most “villainous” high school student on the Earth called Moroboshi Ataru and an “orge girl” from the space called Lum encounters.

In the new series will broadcast the selected episodes over 4 cour as the 100th anniversary celebration, Kamiya Hiroshi will play Moroboshi Atari, the protagonist a.k.a. “darling”, Uesaka Sumire will play the heroine Lum, Uchida Maaya will play Mitake Shinobu, Miyano Mamoru will play Gadou Shuutarou, Takagi Wataru will play Sakuranbou a.k.a. Cherry, and Sawashiro Miyuki will play Sakura.

Hanazawa Kana has been nominated as the cast for Lum’s childhood friend Ran. Ran often acts cute in the public, however, her true personality emerges when she privately meets with Lum.
Hanazawa’s comments related to Ran and her charms has arrived.

The expectations gradually rise as more information has been released toward the broadcast of “Urusei Yatsura”.

TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” will be broadcast from October 2022 on Noitamina channel in Fuji TV. The 1 season will be broadcast with consecutive 2 cour.

♦Ran CV: Hanazawa Kana
Character: She is the childhood friend of Lum. She transfers to Tomobiki High School from the outer space, and there is a reason for that…? She often has cute in the public, but her true personality emerges when she faces Lum 1 on 1.

Comments from Hanazawa Kana
Q1. What is “Urusei Yatsura” to you?

I first met with “Urusei Yatsura” when I was little. I was shocked to “Lum’s Love Song”, which I remember listening to it, and listened multiple times so that I can sing this cute song one day! This song is one of my favorite that I always sing in karaoke.

Q2. Please tell us Ran’s appealing points and what you wish to keep in mind and looking forward to as you play her in the anime.

She has the dual personality, which are the extreme cute mode and the super angry mode, so I am certain that she never makes you feel bored. There is the reason for her to behave either cute or angry, so I hope I can play her powerfully as I stand by her emotions and thoughts.

© Takahashi Rumiko, Shogakkan/Anime “Urusei Yatsura” Production Committee